KISS: The Undeniables

March 29th 2019 is looming large on my calendar right now and it will be until that date arrives and everything goes according to plan. (Hoping no cancellations or unforeseen circumstances arise concerning the band) I’ve been scouring the interwebs recently to find out any tidbits about the upcoming End of the Road KISS tour. Also been checking out a KISS podcast called 3 Sides … Continue reading KISS: The Undeniables

MHB’s Top 10 MCU Movies

Sad sad news yesterday with the passing of Marvel comics legend Stan Lee. Even though I identify myself primarily as a DC comics fan, ANY fans of comics can’t deny the greatness of Stan Lee and his creative genius that birthed so many unforgettable characters. As a KISS fan, Gene Simmons has stated on many occasions how influential Stan Lee’s marvel characters were for him … Continue reading MHB’s Top 10 MCU Movies

The Road To KISS

I got a message today from a good friend and fellow blogger reminding me to check his latest post about when “the rock chick” disappeared? LOL!!!! It definitely was interesting, but more importantly it shined a glaring light on the fact I haven’t posted anything since my birthday in April. I decided that had to change immediately…. so here we are. If you haven’t heard … Continue reading The Road To KISS