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Pick Your Favorite: Springsteen Edition

In the Horn household, it’s not out of the norm to have an album spinning on the record player. Whether I’m doing dishes, or Christina and I are simply enjoying … Continue reading

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MHB’s 1st Ever KISS Draft! Epic Songs Selected 1 By 1.

4 fans and 1 legendary rock & roll band. That’s all this project ever needed. Welcome to MHB’s 1-of-a-kind KISS Draft! The idea for this post has morphed a few … Continue reading

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Audible Blogging

Midway through our (seemingly endless) trek back to PA yesterday from the OBX, I talked my wifey into playing a “new” driving game to kill time. The game – Audible … Continue reading

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MLB All-Star Game Controversy?

Say what? ANOTHER controversy in Major League Baseball? Some people are taking that stance after seeing the leading American League vote-getters for the 2015 all-star game. 7 of the 9 … Continue reading

June 10, 2015 · 5 Comments

Adele Is On Board For Spectre

Isn’t it kinda crazy that Daniel Craig’s outing as James Bond in Skyfall was 3 years ago already? I think so. Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig delivered big time with … Continue reading

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My May Golf Tour

In an amazing turn of events. I somehow managed to golf FOUR TIMES in the month of May 2015. I say this because I only got out once all of … Continue reading

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Softball & Fantasy Baseball: Driving Me Batty

Yesterday – 5:02pm (58 mins prior to my softball game) It’s nice and sunny out. I just finished up taking a few practice swings in the yard with the Speed-Hitter. … Continue reading

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