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How Do We Stack Up? MHB & Co. vs. ESPN Top 10 Projections

The time has come – ESPN fantasy baseball is open. Along with ESPN’s first 2015 prerank/projection list for draft day. —-> Check out the MHB & Co. full Top 10 … Continue reading

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Pick Your Favorite: Springsteen Edition

In the Horn household, it’s not out of the norm to have an album spinning on the record player. Whether I’m doing dishes, or Christina and I are simply enjoying … Continue reading

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My First MTG Draft Experience.

I attended my first ever Magic: The Gathering draft tournament yesterday. And man, it was just a wee-bit tougher than I expected. And by wee-bit I mean A LOT tougher. … Continue reading

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Fantasy Radar: What To Do With A-Rod?

Those of you who are looking for the answer, I don’t have it. I’m asking the question myself! Alex Rodriguez just singled in his first spring training AB vs Philadelphia … Continue reading

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LeSean McCoy Traded To Buffalo Bills

Wow! I’m not sure if shock can 100% cover or describe my reaction to the news that LeSean McCoy has been traded from the Philadelphia Eagles to the Buffalo Bills. … Continue reading

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Marvel Heroes At The Office…

Who would you rather work with on a daily basis – Spidey or Logan?? After watching these videos, you might have a better formed opinion. LOL I always enjoy sweet … Continue reading

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My 2015 Fantasy Baseball Journey Is Underway.

Matt Riggleman and I have been running a fantasy baseball league for some time now. This season will make it 8 years running. A new season means a new draft … Continue reading

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