Happy 35 To Me!

It's a great day to be alive!! (Stealing a quote from MBIII, one of my former football coaches) It's something he used to say at the beginning of practice when he knew nobody wanted to be there. It's always stuck with me. I figured it was the perfect way to start this post. My 35th... Continue Reading →


MHB On The Alex Smith Trade

Just like anything and everything in the sports world, something happens and millions of people weigh in with their knee jerk reaction hot takes. The Washington Redskins trading for Alex Smith last night has been no different. Lots of hot garbage online and the sports talk airwaves today regarding Alex Smith in the burgundy and... Continue Reading →

Suit, Tie, and MLB Hat

2018 is upon us. And before we know it, fantasy baseball 2018 will be slapping us in the face the morning of the draft telling us to get up and get ready! When you do, I'm urging you to get ready with style. I had an idea a few weeks ago about setting up a... Continue Reading →

“We Fantasize”

2016 is literally winding down here and I can't believe it. Going into 2016 Christina and I were expecting a babe due May 31... now heading into 2017 Tristan is here, 7 months old and learning to crawl. Unreal.  But that's old news. I want to unveil something with a new vibe for the new... Continue Reading →

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