Setting Some New Goals

I may, or may not have wasted a boatload of time since I graduated high school… still trying to figure that out. I am 28 now, and if you were to gauge how successful I am financially to this point, you wouldn’t have much to base your assessment on.

  • My jobs – A couple of warehouse jobs, and a stint as a purchasing assistant.
  • My guitar – Gibson Les Paul 1960 Classic Reissue. It’s pretty freakin’ awesome! Probably too cool (and expensive) for somebody who only ever played in a cover band for a few months.

A couple of weeks ago, I came across a tweet for a blogger/writer opening for a fantasy baseball website. (I’m currently in 1st place in the 15 team fantasy baseball league I play in) Unfortunately, I didn’t have any writing samples to send in, and they filled the position fairly quick.

Sooooo…… I’ve decided to start a blog because I don’t want to miss any opportunities like that again. My goal to is to use this site to store samples of writings, and eventually podcasts, videos, and photography for any full-time job opportunities.

I graduated from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting last month, and I’m starting my crusade for a job in radio, TV, and/or film. Preferably working hand in hand with sports.

I saw former Washington Redskins Quarterback Joe Theisman speak at an event last week. Throughout his message he kept hammering the notion of having goals written down, and using them as a daily reminder to push yourself. I know that’s not earth shattering advice that you will only get from Joe Theisman, but I think there is merit.

I’ve been bogged down lately with the day-to-day routine life can be. Actually, it’s a possibility I’ve been like that for the last 10 years! Now for the first time, I have an actual career path in mind since graduating from CSB. Not just a desk job here, and warehouse job there so I can afford to eat at least once a day.

There were a couple of reasons signed up for CSB. One of the main reasons was because I was just beat down. I got tired of barely getting by from week to week. My job/money situation at that time wasn’t one I wanted to continue with. I wanted to be able to afford some flexibility in my life. Being able to go visit friends who don’t live close by is a good example. Having the ability to afford a new car, a house, and to support a family in the very near future is important to me.

It is sad that it took Mongi’s (my grandmother) passing, and the 4 months that followed reflecting, to realize I wanted these things.

After listening to Joe Theisman’s speech, I have been compelled to write down my goals. Hopefully now that I’ve given my goals some recognition, I will be able to find a way to attain them.

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