Alice Cooper is a Rock God! …and should be recognized as such.

For those who don’t know, Michael Jackson’s former manager, Mr. Frank DiLeo passed away this week. Frank dabbled as an actor, which is how I’m familiar with him. He played Frankie Sharp of Sharp Records in Wayne’s World!

After hearing of his death I went back and watched Wayne’s World for the first time in a while. Only to be refreshed on how great the movie is, and also how awesome Alice Cooper is!

I’ve seen Alice Cooper twice in concert, and his shows are wildly amusing. From the fans wearing his traditional black paint around their eyes for the show, to the electrocutions, beheadings, and reanimation that go on throughout, it is a must see show! A great and memorable sight to go along with all of his legendary songs.

I know Alice Cooper was recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but what the hell took so long??? Alice set the table for anything and everything shock rock has to offer. Even though I grew up on KISS, KISS wouldn’t have had a clue on where to start with the theatrics without bands like Alice Cooper.

As I was driving to the CSB recording studios in Cherry Hill yesterday, I listened to two Alice albums: Killers, and Billion Dollar Babies, and BOTH are jam-packed with songs that don’t quit. From the first track to the last on both records, it is just relentless, raw, rock and roll. Billion Dollar Babies might be the best album I never hear anyone talk about.

I know that 99% of living human beings have heard School’s Out at least once, but most are seriously missing out if that is the only Alice Cooper track they know. For those who are unfamiliar with Alice Coopers classick songs, go here for a list of his studio, live, and greatest hit albums. After you listen, please, spread the wealth of classic rock and roll knowledge. People should recognize a Rock God when they see one or hear one.

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