What are the Cleveland Indians doing?!?

I can truly say that I do not understand at all what the heck the management group in Cleveland is doing. Over the past couple seasons, they have had bad teams, and the Indians subsequently traded away star caliber players like C.C. Sabathia, Victor Martinez, and Cliff Lee. During the 2011 season, the Indians have surpassed the expectations of anyone who follows baseball even a little, and sent some time at the top of the AL Cental. That being said, today the Indians record is 63-64, and they are currently 6.5 games behind the Detroit Tigers in that division. (You know how I feel about the Tigers if you read my previous post) The only way for the Indians to reach the playoffs would be to win the division, because it is almost a lock that the AL Wild Card will be coming from the AL East… aka Yankees or Red Sox.

So let’s recap here real quick: 1-The Indians have been bad since losing to the Yankees in the playoffs a couple years ago. 2- The Indians have been better this season, but are still under .500. 3- The Indians have to make up 6.5 games against the Tigers to have a prayer of making the playoffs.

I guess all that adds up to the Indians trading for whoever is actually willing to come to Cleveland and play? They traded for two players at the trade deadline on July 31. Those two players being Ubaldo Jimemez, and Kosuke Fukudome. Two guys that apparrently their previous teams (the Rockies and Cubs) couldn’t wait to unload. Granted I think Ubaldo will be good, he is just having a rough go this season, but Fukudome is straight trash. Now at the waiver trade deadline, the Indians claimed Jim Thome. All of these things add up to one thought in my opinion. To steal a line from the awesome movie Major League, they better win the whole F***** thing!! OR the Indians will have even wasted being terrible for the past couple seasons, now that they traded alot of prospects “loading up” to make a run this year.

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