The preseason is what we thought it was! Or is it?

Just ask Dennis Green, I think he might be able to give you a clue when it comes to the preseason. 🙂

D. Green – Former Head Coach of the Arizona Cardinals

Let’s jump back real quick to some widely accepted opinions that have been tossed around about the NFC East since the NFL lockout has been lifted.

1- The Eagles could be a “Dream Team”
2- The Cowboys will likely surge again, now that Tony Romo is back, and Jason Garrett is now the head coach.
3- The Giants have a good core, but have posted inconsistent results in recent years, and now with injuries, no one knows what to expect.
4- The Redskins don’t have a prayer, because they don’t have a QB.
All but two teams have played three preseason games now, and everyone knows about the importance of that third game. Mainly because the starters play the most throughout the third game compared to the other three preseason games. But that doesn’t mean coach’s are using their whole playbook, pulling out all the stops to win in any of the preseason games. Coach’s call plays, and manage preseason games to gauge specific players to see whether or not these players are capable of helping the team win. So to use a team’s preseason record to determine if they will be a strong team or not is pointless. That is what I believe the preseason is. From what I have heard so far about the 2011 Eagles, and Redskins specifically is intriguing. I’m a big Redskins guy, and to hear that the ‘Skins look to be one of the strongest teams in the league, let alone the division, throughout the preseason so far is great. The Eagles have a lot of talent, but haven’t really clicked at all, except for the opening drive of their first preseason game. So for the Redskins sake, I’m hoping the preseason isn’t what I thought it was!
I’m not a big Mike Shanahan guy, but when I heard Redskins owner Daniel Snyder was going to hire Shanahan as the Head Coach, it told me that the Redskins as an organization were going to start taking things seriously. After the Shanahan era got off to a tough start last year, everything seems to be looking up this year. Washington cleaned house of all the cancerous influences that plagued them last year. Moving Donovan McNabb, (now in Minnesota) and Albert Haynesworth (now in New England) to other teams for draft picks. Plowing a way for players who are hungry to make an impact to take center stage. Already some Shanahan draft picks are starting to impress, and push for significant playing time. Building a team from the ground up takes time, and I’m so glad that Dan Snyder has come around to doing this the right way. Instead of signing players to whatever they want, then having those players tank it, and finishing near the bottom of the division. Props to Shanahan for starting to build a foundation, and from reports I’ve seen, building one on a fairly quick pace. This morning, listening to Philly sports talk radio, I heard Brian Baldinger say that he thinks the Redskins right now are the best team in the NFC East, based on the ‘Skins physicality, and their dominate run game. That got me jacked up, because Baldinger is one of the analysts who I highly respect. He said this knowing that the Redskins haven’t even named who the week one starting QB is yet. Even though I’m fairly sure it will be John Beck at the helm with Rex Grossman serving as the back up to start the season.
Not that I wasn’t pumped for the week 1 NFL games, but now I’m pumped with expectations for my Redskins heightened some. Only time will time if these preseason games are what we thought they were, or not?

3 replies to “The preseason is what we thought it was! Or is it?

  1. I got 2 numbers that will sum up the Skins season: Number 4 and Number 12. How you might ask: 1) The Redskins #4 last season was Graham Gano and the kicker will get a lot of work again this year as they won’t be able to get TD’s , 2) 4th and 12 will be the most frequent yardage when the other kicker (punter) trots out to the field, 3) Mike Shanahan hasn’t won a Superbowl in 12 years…it’ll reach 13 next year, 4) 12 teams are better than the Skins in the NFC and the 3 that aren’t are in the NFC West, and 5)The Skins will finish in 4th place, at 4-12 and get a sweet draft pick.

  2. I don’t delight in the Skins sucking but I would like to take a bow for Gano’s 21 field goal attempts vs. his 11 extra point attempts. As a comparison other kicker with 21 FGA is Suisham of PIT and he’s had 25 point after tries. Those extra 14 TD’s would have come in handy for Washington.

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