Stras-mas is just around the corner!

Stephen Strasburg: The man, the myth, the legend.

Just in case you didn’t glance at the calendar recently. We are in store for a 4 day weekend this week, with Labor Day on Monday, and Stras-mas on Tuesday! Strasburg will be making his final rehab start tonight for the Harrisburg Senators, before making his 2011 MLB debut with the Nationals this coming Tuesday.  Last year on Super Tuesday, Strasburg’s MLB debut against the Pittsburg Pirates, he electrified baseball fans everywhere. Striking out 14 Pirates on his way to earning his first Major League victory. I was not at the Nationals Park, but as a watched the game at home, I realized that I couldn’t sit down! I couldn’t believe how hard he was throwing, how great his breaking pitches were, and how dominant and untouchable it seemed he was. It was crazy at work the next day. (I was working for Baseball Info Solutions, so we talked baseball, while watching baseball all day, everyday) Everyone was talking about Strasburg’s Hall of Fame candidacy already. But his season was cut short by an injury to his elbow, and had to have Tommy John Surgery. Fast forward to Sept 2011, Strasburg is back, as he and the Nationals are gearing up for Opening Day 2012 and beyond!

With Strasburg, and super phenom Bryce Harper on deck to be a big part of the Nationals future, are you ready to believe the hype? Depending on the upcoming off-season, the roster in Washington could get very formidable, very quick. Knowing that there are two awesome first basemen slated to be free agents at season’s end, and the Nationals have some money to spend. Those first basemen being Albert Pujols, and Prince Fielder. Even though Pujols will be recognized as one of the best baseball players of all time when his career comes to an end, I hope that the Nationals go out and get Prince Fielder. Fielder is younger, and would be a much-needed left-handed presence for the Nats. That would give the Nationals a pretty awesome right, left, right in the middle of that line up with Zimmerman, Fielder, and Werth. Couple that with young talent that will have a year of MLB experience under their belt like Ian Desmond, Michael Morse, and Danny Espinosa, two top-tier starters with Strasburg and Jordan Zimmermann, along with a good young bullpen with Tyler Clippard, and Drew Storen at the back, things could be looking WAY up from what the folks in Washington are used to.

It would be awesome to see this as the regular nationals line up by mid-season 2012-

1- SS Ian Desmond
2- 2B Danny Espinosa
3- 3B Ryan Zimmerman
4- 1B Prince Fielder
5- CF Jayson Werth
6- LF Michael Morse
7- RF Bryce Harper
8- C Wilson Ramos

…with Strasburg on the mound of course.

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