Ranting about the Redskins

This post will not be anything other than me complaining about the Washington Redskins… because they are a big pile of poo!

After this week’s game against the San Francisco 49ers, the Redskins will have played 8 games, and officially arrived at the midway point of their season. If they win, they will have stopped a horrid losing streak and salvaged a .500 record after the first 8 games on the schedule. If they lose, the Redskins will have squandered the promising 3-1 start that had people around the NFL actually paying attention to what was going on in Washington.

Before the season started, I wrote about some of the hype the Redskins were attracting throughout the preseason. About how great the run game on offense looked, how the defense was much improved from last season, and how the Redskins got rid of all the distractions that were affecting the on-the-field product. All those things are still true. Well, the run game has suffered during the 3 game losing streak. Mainly because the quarterback play has been down right awful!!!! The defense has suffered a bit also, they have on the field constantly though, due to all the turnovers our quarterbacks produced. The only saving grace the Redskins have right now is that Donovan McNabb has been 10 times worse than either Rex Grossman or John Beck. Everyone knows that the Redskins are going to try to run the ball because there is absolutely NO threat of a passing attack. The Redskins actually have a good core of young players, but until they do something about the quarterbacks on this roster, they will continue to do what they have been doing for the past 15 years: lose.

I will admit that on paper, they are far from elimination in the NFC East, being that the Cowboys and Eagles also have 3-4 records. Don’t forget the Giants are the most weary 5-2 team I have ever seen. But at least those three teams have a difference maker at quarterback. Yes, Tony Romo and Eli Manning get a huge amount of criticism when things go bad, but they are capable of actually leading a drive, and team to victory. Right now the Redskins do not have a QB on the depth chart who can make plays that inspire confidence for the rest of the team. Mike Shanahan not only needs to do some scouting for next years draft, but search the waiver wire, trade block, and free agent pool to figure out what the heck this team is going to do moving forward in the years to come. I’m sick of the A-Holes they have been running out there for the past decade.

Honestly, I was in favor of John Beck starting the season as the number one QB. But only if they were going to ride him through thick and thin, so he could get his lumps and hopefully mature into a Trent Green type of QB for the next 5 to 7 years. (Irony – asking for a Trent Green type of QB when the skins had him before playing in St. Louis and Kansas City) But now I wish they would just do what is necessary to get anyone else who can be productive, like a Kyle Orton. Even though Orton doesn’t receive much respect amongst most fans, I think he is a capable player who can make all the throws, and has enough moxy to win some freakin games!

Washington, do the right thing and address the only problem that really matters right now, get a quarterback who can play!

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