He’s more than just a Manning, he is a legend!

Peyton Manning

Is it a stretch to think that the Indianapolis Colts could go winless this season, thus winding up with the first overall pick in the 2012 draft? Would the Colts really be able to look themselves in the mirror if they actually dealt all pro quarterback Peyton Manning in favor of Andrew Luck?

The concept of Peyton playing somewhere other than Indy is unfathomable to me, and not because Manning has played his entire career there to this point. Peyton Manning the greatest player I’ve ever seen play, and I feel he is the greatest individual player of all time. How could Indy willingly trade or cut the greatest player of all time?

The age-old sentiment is that quarterbacks are gauged on how many championships they win. Manning has made the trip to two Super Bowls, but only has one Super Bowl victory to his credit. So with that logic, he could never be considered the greatest player, because there have been other players to win multiple Super Bowl Championships, specifically quarterbacks, for example Joe Montana, and Tom Brady. Critics often overlook that it takes an entire teams effort to make it to the Super Bowl, let alone win the Super Bowl. Even though quarterbacks play a huge role, it isn’t solely on their shoulders.

While the Super Bowl is a defining moment in a player’s career, I feel the entire scope of a player’s career is too often overlooked. Before Peyton won the Super Bowl in 2006, he was compared to Dan Marino, since neither had won a championship. Like being compared to Marino was such a horrible feat. Yes, Marino lost the only Super Bowl he played in, but he is still one of the greatest quarterbacks/players to ever play in the NFL. Throughout the duration of Manning’s career, he has consistently lead his team to the playoffs, winning the division countless times. He not only makes the players around him better, he has made the coaches around him better too. He has the ability to rally his team in any game at any time. Simply put, the Colts are a Super Bowl contender every year because Peyton Manning is under center.

The 2011 season for the Indianapolis Colts has given us a glimpse to what life without Manning is like, currently defeated this season. Manning’s greatness cannot be quantified with stats, (Even though his stats are pretty freaking’ awesome!) and Super Bowl victories. They are some very good indicators, but they do not reflect his awesome presence in the film room, the locker room, or leadership on the field. Peyton Manning is a once in a lifetime type of player.

If the Colts do end up with the first overall pick in the 2012 draft, and Andrew Luck is there for the taking. The Colts NEED to reap the handsome reward by trading that pick for all it is worth and more! Come April, they will have every opportunity to unload the pick, or Luck. With a team refueled with young high-end talent, just imagine what Peyton could do then?

On a lighter note, this why Peyton Manning is down right awesome in every aspect! watch this video

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