Let Me Introduce You To Green Arrow.

The summer of 2011 was flooded with comic based movies at the theater. From the May release of “Thor”, to the late July release of “Captain America: The First Avenger”, we had 5 greatly anticipated movies that feature our favorite super heroes and characters. But with the TV show “Smallville” concluding its 10th and final season, since May I’ve had a little emptiness in my soul that can’t be filled.

It was during Smallville that I was introduced to one of my favorite comic book characters: The Green Arrow. He isn’t one of the heroes that immediately jumps out to the masses like Superman, and Batman, but that didn’t stop me from going to the comic shop for the first time to feed my growing interest about Green Arrow. If you are unfamiliar, Green Arrow is considered one of the greatest archers in the world, and has some martial arts training to boot. He uses these skills to fight against injustice, corruption, poverty, and hunger in his home town Star City. His real identity: Oliver Queen. Oliver is a millionaire playboy who eventually loses his fortune due to the neglect of the company he inherited from his parents, who were killed in a plane crash when he was a child.

I know that NBC tried to resurrect Wonder Woman this year, but the pilot was terrible, and the project never got off the ground. Smallville for the most part was able to avoid the main pitfall that Wonder Woman couldn’t: the main character in a costume. TV audiences want to see these great comic book characters come to life, but they want the story and appearances to be as faithful as possible too. Which was a problem with the Wonder Woman reboot.

My comic book ploy to TV producers: Take a look at Green Arrow for a new TV series! Yes, he does wear a costume in the comics. That said, his attire could be addressed way easier than a Wonder Woman costume. There are so many story lines the TV show could attack that Smallville didn’t address. Such as his eventual political bid, and win, becoming the left-wing Mayor of Star City. Using the political avenue to fight corruption during the day, and Green Arrow’s skills and tactics by night. The Green Arrow origin story alone of Oliver falling overboard from his yacht, getting stranded on an island, learning to hunt so he wouldn’t go hungry, and escape from the island would be enough for me to tune in. Not forgetting his friendship and adventures with Hal Jordan, aka The Green Lantern, and love affair with Dinah Lance, aka The Black Canary. The story of Green Arrow has much to offer.

TV execs, do the right thing and get our heroes back on the small screen!

Be sure to check out DC Comics “The New 52” Green Arrow series!

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