Lightning Rod: Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow- the man, the myth, the lightning rod. NFL fans everywhere almost seem forced to have an opinion about Tim Tebow. Should he even be starting for the Broncos? If so, can he be the starter for years to come? Is Tebow the NFL’s version of Charlie Sheen, WINNING all day, everyday? Who knows? I’m not quite sure when it comes to all of the hypothetical Tebow questions. One thing is certain though, Tim Tebow is the starter in Denver until further notice.

If you have watched ESPN or listened to any sports talk radio recently you probably have heard, “Tebow has won at every level in his career.” In the NFL this season, he has won all but one of his starts during his campaign as the starter. After the first two weeks of the 1998 NFL season, Peyton Manning was 0-2 as a rookie starter. Ryan Leaf on the flip side was 2-0 as a rookie. Manning has turned out to be one of the all-time greats, and Leaf flamed out becoming nothing more than a punchline. So saying that because Tebow is 4-1 as a starter so far means nothing to me. What does mean something to me is his ability to play.

When a coach is devising a defensive strategy, the goal in mind is to make the opponent predictable. Making it easier for a coach to put his players in a position to succeed more often than not. When Tim Tebow steps onto an NFL field, he automatically make the his offense one-dimensional. The only threat he poses is as a runner, not a passer. In essence, he does the defensive coordinators job for him. It won’t be long for a blue print to be formulated to stop Tim Tebow. When a team steps up and stops him, all the other teams in the league will be sure to follow. That is just what happens in the NFL, its a copycat league.

Do I admire Tim Tebow for proving all the “Na-sayers” wrong so far this year? Yes. Having the will power and desire to power through something no matter the odds is a trait that I will always admire. Do I think that Tim Tebow will be able lead the Broncos to the playoffs? Maybe, because the whole AFC West division is fairly weak. Do I think that Tebow will have sustained success in the NFL without being able to consistently throw the ball? Absolutely no. Until he learns to throw accurately, and on time, he will not be able to lead the Broncos to where they want to go: The Super Bowl.

4 replies to “Lightning Rod: Tim Tebow

  1. You say that but look at Vince Young. He has a fabulous record as a starter and won again last night. He plays a different style than most and has consistently been pushed aside by less-winning quarterbacks because the NFL is such a copycat league that no one can imagine a non-pocket-passer succeeding. He will have to get better throwing but ball control offense improves your defense and wears out the opponent defense. His decision making (the hard part) seems good thus far so really all he needs is to improve his accuracy. If gangly Randy Johnson can learn to throw strikes, why can’t Tim Tebow? (Note: Randy learned when he was in his late twenties)

  2. True. Vince Young does have an awesome record when it comes to wins and loses. This is his 6th season in the league, and he is currently the back up QB for the Eagles. So he doesn’t really have much to show for his ability and the wins he has earneed. Throughout those 6 seasons. he has only played more than 12 games in 3 of 6.

    So if you are saying that Vince Young is a good measuring stick to where Tim Tebow might be in 6 years, I have to agree.

  3. Teams trade and use high draft picks for prototypical QB’s like Kevin Kolb and Joey Harrington because they look like previous hall-of-famers in size and motion but most crash and burn. I’d rather have a Vince Young who has a proven record of not causing a team to lose than a lot of starters in the league right now. I think you may be correct that he may end up on the bench for a good portion of his career as John Fox and Elway appear at times to be rooting against Tebow. If it wasn’t for the fans, Kyle Orton would be leading the 3-8 Broncos with Brady Quinn as the backup. But Fox may finally be realizing that running the ball 50 times a game is turning his defense into a force as they are staying fresh and pressuring the QB like crazy. In 1999, the Titans won 3 straight playoff games with passing yardage of 55,112,112 yards and then came within a few feet of winning the Superbowl. They won by defense and running the ball 170+ yards a game. This isn’t as new and revolutionary as they’re saying, people just forget.

  4. You still feel the same about Vince Young after his dismal starts for the Eagles? He won’t get a starting job any time soon… and Tebow may have led those generics to the playoffs. But he will have a short leash, and career in the NFL.

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