Resurgence or Doomsday, What Does 2012 Hold For Tiger Woods?

2 years ago, Tiger wrecked his SUV, and everybody’s opinion of him. Tiger Woods was exposed.

The void on the PGA Tour was more than noticeable, it was the elephant in the room. Still, golf hasn’t recovered from the loss of the world’s number one golfer. Woods’ life was turned upside down, enduring through great humiliation, ridicule, and a divorce. Tiger has been vilified by many, golf fan or not, but after all the dust settles one thing still remains. Tiger Woods is one of the greatest golfers to ever play the game.

Since Tiger’s own personal doomsday November, 27 2009, he has played through nagging injuries, missed cuts at various tournaments, and won exactly zero Major Championships. Needless to say, very underwhelming compared to what we have come to expect from Tiger. Other players on the PGA tour are no longer intimidated by Tiger’s presence, which was one of his biggest advantages over the competition. With all that said, can Tiger reclaim the title of the world’s number one player? Only time will tell, but I believe 2012 will be our best indicator in projecting whether or not Tiger (14 Majors) can catch Jack Nicklaus (18 Majors) on the all time Major Championships win list.

Throughout Tiger’s entire career, he has been playing from the front of the pack, never being over shadowed. The tables have been turned over the past two years. Sure fans still expect him to win every tournament he plays in, but they aren’t let down anymore when he doesn’t. Other PGA players have been stepping into the spotlight vacated by Woods. With the emergence of players like Rory McIlroy, fans have found a new player to rally behind and hopefully watch chase Nicklaus’ record.

If I have learned anything throughout my sporting ventures, it would that you can never under-estimate a player’s capabilities. I feel this sentiment is paramount when considering golf’s former number one player. Tiger Woods will be 36 at the start of the 2012 PGA Tour, and more determined than ever to reclaim his golfing prominence. If healthy, I fully expect to see the Tiger Woods who is on the leader board every Sunday, rather than the Tiger from the past two years. Mark my words: Tiger will be on the prowl for Jack’s record again!

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