Why Must Green Bay Fans Choose A Side Between QB Heroes?

Seahawks Packers FootballAaron Rodgers’ play has been heroic, and his skill set suggests that he may have enhanced abilities like Captain Steve Rodgers, aka Captain America. Watching Rodgers play over the past two seasons, he makes the impossible possible. He can throw in the tightest windows while putting endless points on the board. The numbers speak for themselves.

You know, he kinda reminds me of another quarterback I loved to watch. A guy who also instilled confidence in the entire team with heroism, who also strung together multiple seasons of greatness. That guy would be three-time MVP Brett Favre.

Why are people so quick in thinking Rodgers is a better quarterback than the previous hero in Green Bay?

Rodgers might be channeling his inner Captain America, but it seems like fans are quick to forget that Brett Favre was an Iron Man for his entire career. Not to say that Rodgers isn’t capable of being a great quarterback for a long time, but Brett Favre was a great quarterback for a long time. The proof is in the pudding.

It may seem like I’m not on the Rodgers’ corner. That is not the case. I was totally, in 100% agreement with how management handled the transition from Favre to Rodgers.

Favre retired, and the Packers moved on. They couldn’t afford to string along Aaron Rodgers and potentially lose him because Favre thought he might play one more year. Turns out, it may have been the best decision the franchise has ever made. Keep in mind, that doesn’t mean Favre wasn’t a great player. It means that Green Bay was able to bridge a gap between the two quarterbacks, and sustain success as a franchise. Which is an incredibly difficult task.

Lately people are jumping on the Rodgers band wagon, and are very quick to slam Favre. Is it because he wavered with his decision to retire? Or maybe because of the whole ordeal with Jenn Sterger? I honestly don’t know?

It seems like they are forgetting about the most important part when talking about quarterbacks, you know, the actual quarterback performances. Fans are viewing Aaron Rodgers set career marks in his prime right before our eyes. By the end of the year, he may push some all-time NFL marks. With Favre, it seems the fans only remember his struggles from last year, and not the times where he was leading his team to back-to-back Super Bowl appearances, like Rodgers could do this year.

There is no doubt that Aaron Rodgers is going out on the field every Sunday and playing like a super soldier. Only time will tell how great Rodgers can/will be. He’s been pretty incredible as the starter in Green Bay to this point.

I’m a huge fan of both Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers. ESPN and football fans seem to think they have to choose one or the other. I accept that both have been fantastic and exciting quarterbacks to watch, and I feel privileged to have witnessed them both make the game fun time and time again.

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