Donovan McNabb: Free Fallin

Today the Donovan McNabb saga took another unexpected turn, when the veteran quarterback was granted his release from the Minnesota Vikings. McNabb has not played since being benched in favor of Christian Ponder in October.

From 1999 to 2009, Philadelphia fans loved or hated Donovan McNabb. Easter Sunday 2010, many Eagles fans got their wish when McNabb was traded to the NFC East division rival Washington Redskins. After a dismal season with the Redskins he was traded to Minnesota.

As a Redskins fan, I never quite understood why McNabb was always under fire in Philly? He consistently lead the Eagles deep into the post season. Philadelphia was always in the Super Bowl mix with Donovan, 5 NFC championship appearances and 1 Super Bowl appearance, during his 10 year career with the Eagles. The Redskins suffered through numerous quarterbacks and made the playoffs a handful of times during that span. Nothing compared to the success Philadelphia fans were able to enjoy.

Offensively, Donovan McNabb carried the Eagles to 4 consecutive NFC championship games by himself. They sure didn’t ride the talents of Todd Pinkston, Freddie Mitchell, and Duce Staley to those title games. Brian Westbrook did emerge in 2005, other than Westbrook though, Terrell Owens was the only star quality player McNabb was ever surrounded by until 2009.

So what happened to McNabb? Since being traded to Washington in 2010, Mac 5 has been a shell of his former Pro Bowl self. I believe he lost his spirit, and love for the game the minute he was no longer a Philadelphia Eagle. The fans did have a love/hate relationship with McNabb, but there is no doubt he wanted to finish his career as an Eagle. He is the franchises leader in wins, passing yards, and a host of other stats. McNabb and Andy Reid brought the Eagles back from the dead. Remember, McNabb took over for Doug Pederson as the starting quarterback, Doug freaking Pederson! McNabb probably felt he earned the right to retire as an Eagle after all the success they had. When news of his trade on Easter 2010 hit, McNabb the pro bowl quarterback died, and the Redskins were left with a player who felt betrayed, and was emotionally broken.

Now, McNabb is hoping to be claimed in the waiver process after being released. I’m guessing he wants to land in Houston or Chicago, because both of those teams have a real shot at the playoffs this season. McNabb is originally from Chicago, but I honestly doubt that either of those teams would take a shot with Donovan. Why should they? After McNabb’s performance in Minnesota for the Vikings, I wouldn’t take a shot at McNabb even if I was desperate for 1 win like the win-less Colts are!

I have always been a Donovan supporter, but right now, I would rather have Doug Pederson under center because McNabb has been flat out terrible! My prediction: McNabb doesn’t get claimed by any teams during the waiver process.

One reply to “Donovan McNabb: Free Fallin

  1. Maybe after 10 more years of being a non-factor Philly fans will appreciate what they had with Donovan. There are 32 teams in the NFL. Being top 4 or top 2 is pretty darn good. They don’t deserve to ever be in that spot again with their ungratefulness.

    Alas, McNabb’s career has run it’s course. He’s not going to carry any more teams to the conference title game. That said, his quarterback rating on a team with crap receivers this year stands above both rookie of the year candidates in Andy Dalton and Cam Newton so he wasn’t terrible, just on a terrible team. Only Rodgers has a lower interception percentage. I think a team like the Texans who just needs a player that won’t kill them could benefit. We shall see.

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