Code Red – Skins Need A QB!

There is a code red in Washington and the situation is urgent! The Redskins quarterbacks are a disaster and they need to be evacuated immediately.

This past Sunday I made my first ever trip to FedEx Field, attending the week 13 match-up between the Redskins and Jets. I got to see the stadium, and experience the atmosphere, both of which were awesome.

What I saw on the field though was disturbing. A game in which the Redskins led, or were tied for the lead throughout the entire game until the 5 minute mark in the 4th quarter, and then they totally imploded. Losing to an offensive challenged Jets team 34-19. Even though the Redskins were in this game throughout, Rex Grossman was disengaged the entire game looking lackadaisical, and injured. Grossman was bad in every aspect. His foot work was terrible, leading to inaccurate passes intended for receivers he stared down. Grossman finished the game 19-40 passing.

While leaving the stadium, news broke of suspensions for TE Fred Davis, and OT Trent Williams. They will miss the final 4 games of the season for violating the NFL drug policy. These two guys are arguably the Redskins to biggest building blocks on the offensive side of the ball. With Shanahan having a reputation for only wanting good character guys on his team, there are questions now whether or not he will try to trade either player. I’m hoping that the organization decides to keep them, knowing they are both impact players. They will need both if Washington has a rookie quarterback starting next season.

Besides quarterback, the other glaring hole on the Redskins offense would be at the wide receiver position. Like the quarterbacks the Redskins had over the past couple years, the wide outs have all been retreds. If the Redskins are serious about developing a young QB next season they will need an outside presence. Santana Moss seems to be old, or just an after thought in Mike Shanahan’s offense.

I understand that no major roster changes will happen for the rest of this season. I’m fine with that. At this pace, the Redskins will secure a top 5 selection in the 2012 draft quicker than you can say any of these quarterbacks names: Robert Griffin III, Landry Jones, or Matt Barkley. Who knows, maybe Andrew Luck’s stock drops some and he doesn’t go number one overall? The point: There will be talented (hopefully franchise) quarterbacks available when Washington is on the clock! I can’t take another round of horrible or washed up quarterbacks! The list is already too long: Rex Grossman, Donovan McNabb, Jason Campbell, Mark Brunell, Patrick Ramsey, Brad Johnson, Jeff George… AAAHHHHH make it stop!!!

10 replies to “Code Red – Skins Need A QB!

  1. You realize that most of the quarterbacks on your bad Skins QB’s list were actually first round picks at one time? Be careful not to jump too much on the “this new 1st round pick QB is going to be our savior” bandwagon because for every Peyton and Rogers there are half a dozen Flaccos (decent) and probably two dozen Grossmans and Harringtons. Your odds aren’t good. Draft a couple dominant O-linemen and pick up an Orton or something. The only QB Shanahan’s ever drafted was Brian Griese…let him stick to what he knows. 10-6 will be plenty for the NFC east the next couple years.

  2. I noted that they were either washed up or horrible. If the Skins would have drafted McNabb when the Eagles did, the Redskins quarterbacks over the past decade convo wouldn’t exist.

    If the Redskins get a Flacco, I have zero problem with that.

    1. I’m just saying that Patrick Ramsey was drafted only a spot or two later than Aaron Rodgers was in his draft. You never know with QB’s. You think the Jets are happy with Sanchez at this point? Conversely, do you think there was any concern Debrickashaw or Toni Boselli or most of the top 5 pick O-linemen were going to flop? Now I’m not saying trade their top pick for Peyton so the Colts can full-on rebuild or some foolishness like that but they’re a Shanahan team and he coaches experienced QB’s and has a dominant O-line when successful. You said it yourself what an impact player Trent Williams has been. Say he overcomes this and you have another clone of him making up 2/5 of your o-line…doesn’t that sound better than starting rookie Matt Barkley and having him bumrushed like David Carr in Houston every Sunday? One more question which would be a good blog topic: why do you think that the Gannon, Testaverde, and Deberg type comebacks of qb’s with poor success early seemingly never happens anymore? Basically by age 27 a QB is a winner, a loser, or a lifetime “game manager” with little change over the back half of the career. Is it game evolution from how much passing-dependant the game is or just a 10-year fluke?

      1. The Redskins O-line is actually pretty good. Yes, it is always great if you can draft a player who you know will be an impact guy for the next 7 to 10 years, and Offensive linemen are easier to project than QB’s, I won’t argue that. Shanahan teams have been successful with the formula you talked about, but they weren’t great without Elway (aka a great QB). I think the Redskins have to take this opportunity to get a quarterback.

        P-Ram was never considered or projected to be a top 2 pick in the draft. The scouts were torn in 2005 between Alex Smith, and Rodgers. Only because teams were “set” at QB did he fall that far. I would rather have a rookie QB get game experience with a struggling team, than have ANOTHER crap veteran who is out of chances to start in the NFL except in Washington. The only way to build a team that can sustain success for 10 year chunks is by getting that QB who can lead the franchise.

  3. Fair enough. Having seen all the QB prospects play this year and noting that Landry and Griffin play on what you could hardly consider pro-style offenses while Luck and Barkley play in the least defensive league not named the WAC, who do you see as the future franchise QB? With the increase in spread offenses in college it seems harder than ever to predict who will translate to the NFL. Look at Bradford and McCoy. Actually of the successful QB’s in the NFL right now let me think how many played on downright crappy college teams…Big Ben played in the MAC, Eli (Ole Miss, bleh), Cutler (Vandy barely finished .500), Rivers (NCSU, bleh), Rodgers had 1 good year with Cal but they didn’t make a major bowl and he had Marshawn Lynch that year, Brady barely played, Brees got Purdue to the top 15 but so did Billy Dicken and Kyle Orton before and after him, and Matt Ryan’s Boston College squads sucked as well. If you go by that Griffin’s gotta be your man as he’s done more with less. Including Peyton who did have a great college career but is inactive currently, those 9 quarterbacks have led their team to 0 BCS bowl victories and only 2 appearances as I count it. (peyton, brees). wow.

    1. I would like to see the Redskins get a great QB coach, or a great OC that is awesome with QB’s. I think Kyle Shanahan is trash!
      Robert Griffin III has a crazy gun, and the ability to run. But he is a pocket passer first. I wouldn’t mind seeing him in a skins uni. If he can create, and run an offense… He could be nightmare for opposing defenses!!

      1. Eh…longterm yes, but he has more of a window. If Luck struggles year 1, they’ll expect it. They’re in full rebuild mode. If Griffin struggles and next year’s #1 is say a top 5 pick, it will build and build. He’s not inheriting a terrible team so Griffin has a lot of pressure to win 7 games and get that pick out of the top 10 this year. Not an easy job.

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