Un-Lucky? Dan Orlovsky’s Winning Streak

In Week 10 the QB reigns in Indianapolis were handed to Dan Orlovsky. Yes, that Dan Orlovsky!

Who could forget Dan Orlovsky running out of the back of the end zone? Scrambling, thinking the play is still alive, instead he surrendered 2 points against the Vikings. Unsuccessful in 2008 trying for find the win column for the defeated Detroit Lions, he will always be remembered for that blunder.

Orlovsky had never won a game as a starter in the NFL. The Indianapolis Colts hadn’t won a game all year. It seemed liked a match made in draft scenario heaven.

Could he possibly lead ANOTHER team to the dismal fate of 0-16? Better question: Did the Colts actually expect him to compete and win games? The win-less Indianapolis Colts exhausted all other (bad) options. The unretired Kerry Collins was flat-out horrible in the handful of games he started for the Colts this season before landing on IR. Longtime back-up for Peyton Manning – Curtis Painter, was called upon to salvage the 2011 season for the Colts. Painter was anything but an artist, and was unable to lead Indy their first win.

Orlovsky hot for the first time, at the wrong time?

After losing to New Orleans, Atlanta, Jacksonville (Really? Jacksonville?), New England, and Baltimore. Dan Orlovsky did the unthinkable! He led the Colts to their first win of the season against the Titans last week. That’s right, Orlovsky and win mentioned in the same sentence.

With Manning on the shelf, it seemed that the Colts were headed for a completely defeated season, qualifying for the top overall draft selection in 2012. Perfect position to draft the highest touted prospect to hit the NFL draft since John Elway in 1983, Stanford QB Andrew Luck.

What happened next though is truly astonishing. Dan Orlovsky led the Colts to another victory last night against the Houston Texans. He is in the midst of a winning streak for the first time in his NFL career. Vegas odds could never have seen this coming, even they aren’t that good.

The only problem, Orlovsky’s unlikely winning streak has put the Colts in jeopardy of losing the number one pick. With two wins now, along with the lowly St. Louis Rams, and Minnesota Vikings, Indy took themselves out of the driver seat for the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. Even if they choose not to draft Luck, that pick could be traded for players/picks that could set the franchise up for years to come.

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