CW Orders A Pilot For Green Arrow!


The CW must have read up on my blog a couple of months ago. It’s official, the network has ordered a pilot and cast Stephen Amell to star as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow for a new series called Arrow.

As a loyal fan of Smallville and a big Green Arrow fan, I hoped that a Green Arrow show might see the light of day. In Smallville, Justin Hartley‘s portrayal of Oliver Queen was widely considered a huge success. So much that fans actually wanted to see Hartley play Green Arrow in a spin-off series of Smallville. Personally, spin-off or not, I’m thrilled that CW is taping a pilot episode for Green Arrow. I’m confident that Arrow will make it past the gallows, unlike NBC’s attempt to launch a Wonder Woman reboot last year.

To be honest, I had no idea that Stephen Amell even existed until I read an article talking about an Arrow pilot yesterday. So to sit here and breakdown whether or not he is a great fit for the role would be a complete waste of character space. I have faith in the people taking on this project to know what they are looking for, and also to know what the fans will be looking for. When Daniel Craig was cast as James Bond in 2005 for the role in Casino Royale. Bond had been off the scene for a couple of years and needed to be revamped desperately. Some fans were hating on the fact that Craig had blonde hair, because Bond was supposed to have black hair. Martin Campbell, the director for Casino Royale, didn’t want to get another tall, dark, and handsome guy to spit out the same lines as every other Bond did previously. He needed to recreate the character and knew exactly what he was looking for. Long story short, Casino Royale was a huge success, and Daniel Craig is an A-list actor now.

Back to the “Arrow” point. From the few sites I glanced at digging up some info. The series will take place with a young Oliver Queen returning to Starling City after being declared dead since he was missing and gone for five years. Five years marooned on an island by himself. That time spent mastering his archery skills for sheer survival, and facing his own demons. He returns with a new purpose in life, and isn’t afraid to take matters into his own hands. While he may be a millionaire by day with few responsibilities, at night he is the vigilante bringing justice to the streets known as Green Arrow. Oliver Queen’s love interest Dinah Lance will also be in the series. Though I didn’t see anything about Dinah dawning her Black Canary get-up.

For those that don’t know. In the comics Oliver and Dinah have an on again-off again relationship for many years before they finally tie the knot. Both Green Arrow and Black Canary are in the Justice League of America. Fighting alongside the likes of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.

By the end of Smallville’s run on CW, they introduced many of the characters from the DC Universe – Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, and Conner Kent just to name a few. So I don’t think it would be a stretch to eventually see some DCU cameos in Arrow, if (hopefully when) it gets picked up.

Again, seeing news of a Green Arrow pilot is awesome! Having the series get picked up would be like waking up Christmas morning and getting everything I waited and asked for all year.

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