What In The Hell Is Going On Out There?

From my fan chair, I’ve had some pretty awful luck so far this week.

Brandon Jacobs might be the most overrated player in the NFL.
  1. The Super Bowl – I have no love for the Giants.

Loving the Redskins means hating the division rivals – The Dallas Cowboys, NY Giants, and Philadelphia Eagles. (I listed them in the order that I hate from most to least)

Eli Manning led the Giants down for a TD late in Super Bowl 46, and the Patriots didn’t respond. Which sealed up New York’s second championship in the last 4 years. Bill Parcells said it best “You are what you are”, and currently the Giants are the Super Bowl champs. Which is why I have such a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that my 5-11 Redskins not only beat the Giants twice this year, they won big both games against NY.

Eli Manning had an awesome season and his playmakers on the outside stepped up – Victor Cruz, and Hakeem Nicks. What gets me though is when the Giants start to win games, and the media goes right to Brandon Jacobs for a quote. Jacobs is straight up trash. He isn’t even the best RB on the team, let alone the best player on the offensive side of the ball. If you watched any of the games, let me know which back they have in the game when the Giants are on the goal line trying to punch a score into the end zone.  It’s not the “bruising” Jacobs, it is Ahmad Bradshaw! Jacobs is soft.

Jacobs will talk it up when he is winning – go hide in a corner when somebody actually hits him hard. Followed by throwing a fissy fit and his helmet into the crowd during an NFL game. So when the coach tells you to go back into the game, you say: I can’t, I don’t have a helmet anymore.

Jacobs needs to, as a wise man once said, “take a shower, hit the weights and get a clue”.  Thank you Kevin Nash for that bit of wisdom.

2. UNC vs. Duke – Carolina losing on a buzzer beater 85-84.

Carolina needs to get tough. I mentioned in my last post about UNC and Duke, that the Blue Devils live and die by the 3. What did Carolina do? They didn’t challenge any of Duke’s perimeter shooters. Austin Rivers scored 29 points last night and was 6-10 from 3-point range for the Blue Devils. Tyler Zeller has to know that Rivers is going to take the last shot in that situation, period!

Carolina was up 12 in the second half at one point. Only to let Duke climb back into the game with 3 point shots. Missing Dexter Strickland’s defense on the outside turned out to be huge. Carolina was lazy moving around screens, basically asking Duke to take as many 3-balls as possible. It’s not the end of the line for Carolina, but it is a game that they let get away. Roy Williams needs to push these guys. Yes they are very good, but letting these little breakdowns on defense continue throughout the game? Come on…

Maybe Carolina just let off the gas, who knows? If they want to win come tournament time, the Tar Heels are going to have to take their defensive effort up a level. After this loss to Duke, I think Roy Williams and the rest of the team found that out the hard way.

2 replies to “What In The Hell Is Going On Out There?

  1. It’s pretty simple actually with the Skins-Giants: They match up well with them the same way the Giants match up well with the Pats. The Giants ended up building their team’s defense to be the perfect kryptonite to the new modern passing juggernaut teams. They beat NE twice, should have beat GB twice, and got whipped by New Orleans because they actually have a running game and averaged 7 yards per rush when they played. But they can’t stop the old-school, grinding offense. The Skins had huge possession time advantages in both games and on defense managed sacks and turnovers. The Eagles beat them in NY the same way with 34 rushing attempts. If the Texans could have somehow come out of the AFC I think they’d have dominated the Superbowl even without a decent QB. They want you to throw and get off the field for their offense. The Skins don’t do that and the league is even enough talent-wise that it makes the difference. They’d beat em again.

  2. I agree about the Redskins matching up well against the Giants. I respect Eli, but I hate the Giants. I’m very disappointed that Green Bay forgot that they actually had to play in the playoffs and didn’t quash these idiots.

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