2012 Movie Theater Checklist: Top 5

I’m always up to go to the movie theater. I love it. I remember in November/December of 2010, working at the Amazon facility in Allentown, talking about the up coming slate of movies in 2011 everyday. My buddy Travis and I were amped for the same movies to open in theaters: Thor, X-Men:First Class, Green Lantern, Transformers, and Captain America to name a few. So when Thor opened the first week of May, we were both at the IMAX showing, and we weren’t disappointed!

This year again there are a ton of movies I would love to go see on opening night. Here are my top 5 movie releases of 2012.

#5 – The Avengers – Opening May 4th

Well, this one is simple. I loved Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America: having them all in the same movie should be freakin’ awesome! Wait, that’s not all, don’t forget the Incredible Hulk, Hawkeye, and the Black Widow are in this one too. And to those reading who might not have any idea who those characters are, I will just say this, Samuel L. Jackson. Now I know you want to see it.

#4 – Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – Opening June 22nd

The title says it all! Everyone’s favorite Pres takings out Vampires. Who on god’s green earth doesn’t want to see Abe Lincoln go hostile on a ton of vamps? When I saw this movie was getting a green light before filming started, I was 99% sure I wanted to see it. After the trailer for this film was released, I was 9999% sure I NEEDED to see this. My Mom’s birthday is June 18th. Maybe I will take her to go see this for her birthday? Perfect!

#3 – The Amazing Spider-Man – Opening July 3rd

Spidey is back. This movie will be a re-boot of the Spider-Man franchise. Let’s be honest with ourselves. After Spider-Man 3, we needed to see the franchise take a different direction. This version of Spidey promises to be a little more griddy and dark. Which makes this movie so much more enticing to see. Plus, Marvel does have a pretty good history of bringing its comic characters to the big screen with success. SEE Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, etc…

#2 – Skyfall – Opening November 9th

James Bond has always been one of my favorites. From the glory of Goldfinger, to the disasters like Octopussy, and A View To A Kill, I will watch them all. What Daniel Craig did in Casino Royale was beyond another James Bond film. It was just flat-out how a great movie is executed. Unfortunately Quantum Of Solace didn’t meet everyone’s expectations. Skyfall will be Craig’s third trial as Bond, and I have a feeling it will be great, kinda like third albums: Springsteen – Born To Run, Petty – Damn The Torpedoes, Aerosmith – Toys In The Attic, and Bon Jovi – Slippery When Wet.

Drum roll please…… no surprise here #1 – The Dark Knight Rises – Opening July 20th

DC Universe’s crown jewel. I don’t know if there ever has been a more anticipated movie than The Dark Knight Rises. 2008 we witnessed greatness with The Dark Knight. Now, people are expecting the impossible: topping The Dark Knight! I know one thing. If I only get to see one of these movies in the theater is has to be this one. Christopher Nolan is one of the most renown directors, Christian Bale gives everything a Batman fan would want, and supporting cast featuring two more villains: Bane and Catwoman. As hard as it may seem to be, I actually think Nolan can top The Dark Knight.

If you want a clue to what might happen in TDKR read Knightfall.

4 replies to “2012 Movie Theater Checklist: Top 5

  1. Aside from #3 I totally support this list. What could possibly be left of interest to show is silly Peter Parker’s life? He’s like the opposite of the Dos Equis guy…the least interesting man alive.

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