My Top 10 Fantasy Team Names: Yu Darvish Edition

Fantasy baseball leagues everywhere are getting underway. Some managers are looking to defend their title from the prior year like myself. Others are trying to forget the painful injury riddled season they endured through a year ago. Either way, it’s a fresh start and an exciting time with draft day on the horizon.

One of the most important parts, sometimes overlooked, to getting your fantasy season kicked off on the right foot is picking the right fantasy team name. It sets the tone for your season. If you are reading this and are unfamiliar with coming up with fantasy team names, I’ll give you a quick rundown. The unwritten rule is this: Come up with something outrageously awesome that cleverly includes/incorporates a player’s name.

Example: Posey Galore – My team name for the 2012 campaign.
I’m a big James Bond and baseball fan, and I decided to put the two together! Obviously a reference to the classic Bond girl Pussy Galore, and Giants catcher Buster Posey.

With Japanese pitching sensation Yu Darvish signing with the Texas Rangers during the off-season, it gives fantasy owners one of the most versatile names ever to mold into a fantasy name. So with that in mind. I decided I would try to come up with 10 great suggestions for anyone that still hasn’t come up with a name for this season.

Yu Darvish giving his best James Bond impersonation.

So let us begin the Yu countdown to number one!

10- Nothing Compares 2 Yu. A Japanese pitcher that stands 6’5″. He is a beast!
9- Got My Mind Set On Yu. A shout out to the late great George Harrison, also works if you actually plan to draft Yu this season.
8- Yu Gonna Die Clown! Love Happy Gilmore, when Adam Sandler movies were actually funny.
7- Rock With Yu. I support any reference to the King of Pop!
6- What? Yu Went Over My Helmet? Who doesn’t love a great Spaceballs quote, really? Also great for all those out there who love wild pitches.
5- Wild Thing, Yu Make My Heart Sing! Staying on the wild pitch theme. Much love for one of Charlie Sheen’s greatest performances. If you play fantasy baseball and don’t like Major League, shame on you.
4- The Jerk Store Called, And They’re Running Out Of Yu. Great Seinfeld episode that lives in infamy.
3- We Will Rock Yu. Queen sent the message in 1977, you can send it this fantasy baseball season.
2- Hot Shots! Part Yu. Hello! Charlie Sheen and Yu Darvish, Winning!
1- Yu Only Live Twice. Can’t believe I didn’t come up with this one, credit: Doug Kopf. Yu Darvish and James Bond just seem to be a natural fit!

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4 replies to “My Top 10 Fantasy Team Names: Yu Darvish Edition

    1. That’s a great one. I especially avoided looking online for suggestions. In hopes to be as original as possible.

      No Soup For Yu is a great one. Thanks for the comment!

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