Peyton Manning Is Officially Out In Indy

What happened yesterday seemed completely surreal when Manning was officially cut by the Indianapolis Colts.

The writing for this move was on the wall for some time. The Colts are a rebuilding team. First to go was GM Bill Polian, and then head coach Jim Caldwell, and Manning was the last head to roll. With Andrew Luck sitting there waiting to be selected with the number one overall pick in the draft, the Colts were never going to pay both Manning and Luck.

Now the burning question everyone is asking themselves: What team is Peyton going to sign with?

Peyton should have concluded the press conference yesterday with these words: I’ll be back. I have seen different breakdowns projecting the most likely landing spots for Manning. The Cardinals, Redskins, Jets, and Dolphins are suspected suitors according to Adam Schefter.

I love watching Manning, but as a skins fan, I’m looking for a 10-year plan not a 3-year plan. We’ve had a ton of 3-year plans at QB in Washington and we know how they turned out. The only way I would 100% support them signing Peyton Manning would be if they also drafted Robert Griffin III. Having Manning to learn from would be invaluable for Griffin.

The New York Jets have Mark Sanchez, and a circus act going on behind closed doors. Manning will be smart enough to avoid a bad situation.

The Cardinals have some talent on the offensive side of the ball. They would definitely have to upgrade the O-line if they want Manning under center. Remember – Reggie Wayne is a free agent also. Imagine Wayne and Fitzgerald out wide!

The Dolphins are interesting. With explosive players like Brandon Marshall and Reggie Bush already there, and a defense that is better than what the Colts had to offer, it might be exactly what Manning is looking for. The Dolphins have been QB hungry since Dan Marino retired. Don’t think they won’t pay what it takes to get Manning.

Now that we got that out-of-the-way. I wouldn’t be surprised if Manning doesn’t sign with any of those teams. If I learned anything from this past MLB off-season, it is that players don’t always land in the “most-likely” landing spots.

Albert Pujols in an Angels uniform anyone? Prince Fielder suiting up for the Tigers?

Nobody, I repeat, nobody saw either of those landing spots for those guys. They reshaped the baseball landscape, and created a ton of buzz along with way. I don’t think that Peyton Manning is out to create as much buzz as possible, but I do think that he will investigate where he wants to play. He will not sell himself short in this process.

He is going to select a team that gives him the best fit to make a Super Bowl run, period.

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