Wolverine: Old Man Logan

I started following comic related material after getting hooked on the TV show Smallville – an origin story of Superman. Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow are all DC, so when it comes to reading comics, I typically stuck with reading the DC Universe. Nothing against Marvel comics, but most of my favorite characters are DC characters.

That aside, I read one of the craziest Marvel comics last week.

  • Wolverine: Old Man Logan

I don’t want to spoil the entire story for those who might actually go read it, (which I highly recommend) so I’ll try to give a nice quick summary.

50 years after all super heroes were defeated/murdered and super villains took over America. The U.S. is divided into quarters – The Hulk family rules California, the Kingpin runs the Rocky Mountain region, Dr. Doom owns the central time zone, and Red Skull dictates the east coast.

Logan no longer goes by Wolverine, and lives a quiet life in California as a poor farmer with a wife and two children. He barely makes enough to afford the monthly rent that the Hulk family collects. When somebody is short on rent in the Hulk territory, the Hulk family typically beats a family member to a pulp, or til death.

The story picks up with Logan not having enough money for rent. Logan’s old friend Hawkeye from the Avengers shows up and needs some help commuting across country. Hawkeye is now blind from glaucoma, and he offers Logan a couple hundred dollars in exchange for his help. Logan accepts the offer, but under one condition, he absolutely will not harm anyone. He hasn’t harmed or fought anyone in 50 years, hasn’t even popped his claws out to intimidate anyone. Stating Wolverine is no more.

Just like every other plan Hawkeye conjures up, this trip across country starts to spiral out of control while passing through the different territories of evil. Crossing paths with the Hulk family, Spider-Girl, The Kingpin, Dr. Doom, Red Skull, Venom and even some dinosaurs.

Hopefully that is a good enough teaser for anyone reading to pick it up immediately.

I had to actually reread some parts of this story because it was so crazy. You will not be disappointed!

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