On Blast: Donovan McNabb

McNabb – Just stop with the petty nonsense.

McNabb was on ESPN’s First Take today debating with Skip Bayless about Robert Griffin III playing in Washington. McNabb was persistent in saying that Griffin would not be a fit with the Redskins and here is his reasoning.

  • Mike/Kyle Shanahan will not cater to Griffin’s strengths and will force him fit into their mold.
  • Neither Shanahan will surround Griffin with the talent needed to succeed.
  • Griffin will have too short of a leash to prosper, because Shanahan is under the gun to win now.

Donovan, you shat the bed when you were brought into Washington to make a Super Bowl run. Stop spewing your diarrhea on ESPN. This whole rant on ESPN about RGIII not meshing in Washington is vindictive angst towards the Shanahan’s.

First – Mike Shanahan was never going to try to groom Donovan in Washington. He expected McNabb to learn the playbook and execute it. McNabb was a highly successful, veteran quarterback who had some ability to escape the pocket and create big plays. Shanahan got the exact opposite of that with Donovan.

Next – The Redskins record in 2011 does not reflect the actual talent level on the team. It reflects the horrible quarterback play Washington had in 2011. There is a wealth of young talent on this team, plus additions at wide-out with Pierre Garcon, and Josh Morgan. So McNabb… again, just shut your mouth.

Finally – When the Redskins traded those picks to get in position to draft Robert Griffin III, they finally did something that wasn’t a win now move. Washington made a “let’s be good/great for the next 5 to 10 years” move. Meaning Griffin will automatically have a longer leash than McNabb had. If the Redskins start to win right away? Great! I won’t complain. This is a move that is laying the ground works for years to come, not to be a one hit wonder.

Donovan, just stop with all the petty garbage and own the fact that you deserve some blame for failing in Washington. Stop pointing fingers and just own it.

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