First Impressions: NL East

Now baseball is back
A calm has come over me
Let’s talk fantasy!

Just a couple of thoughts and first impressions through a couple games.

-A shout out to my favorite restaurant owner Ralph from Mr. Joe’s-

The Phils got 6 games in the books and they stand at 3-3. So naturally, new age (2007-2012) Phillies fans feel like the sky is falling. They conveniently forget how bad the Phils were before Chase Utley/Ryan Howard arrived – AKA the Tomas Perez/Travis Lee days. The Phillies season is still young, be patient.

The pitching will do what the pitching is supposed to do – keeping Philly in most of their games. Going into this season everyone knew it was going to be somewhat of a new look offense. Everything will be fine, there are still 156 more games to go.I fully expect for this team to win the division.

If you want to go where the girls and preseason hype flow like wine, than D.C. – not Aspen, was where you want to be. The Nats bolstered their starting pitching and they are flexing their muscle in the early going – currently sitting atop the NL East at 5-2.

Injuries to power hitting 1B/LF Michael Morse, and closer Drew Storen weren’t in the plans to start the season, but a hot start from Adam LaRoache has made everyone breathe a little easier.

97.5 The Fanatic hosts and listeners (Philly sports talk radio) scoffed when national analysts predicted that the Nats might have a better team than the Phillies this year. Like I stated earlier – I think the Phillies will win the division, but people can’t be ignorant to the talent on this Washington ball club.

I think Ozzie Guillen should be fired. Leading the Marlins down this path is the exact opposite of what the Miami front office envisioned.

As for their play of the field – The line up looks fierce on paper, but I don’t see this team making a playoff push. Not after Guillen causing all kinds of ruckus, Giancarlo Stanton’s knee problems, and Logan Morrison’s inability to actually field a baseball. Hanley Ramirez is always good for a lapse in effort and concentration during the long season. Jose Reyes can only do so much: See NY Mets over the past couple seasons.

Yes it’s early, but scandals, injuries, and the hype machine normally don’t add up to a playoff run.

The Atlanta Braves are embarking on a Chipper Jones farewell tour.

Sitting at 2-4 after 6 isn’t the best case scenario, but this team has the talent to win multiple series in a row. Jason Heyward had a big day yesterday, and if he continues on that path, his struggles from last year will just be a blip on the radar.

I fell victim to picking Miami to finish well after glancing at their line-up before the season started. Only six games in I know that was a mistake. Atlanta will be strong down the stretch right along with Philly and Washington.

The Mets Logo is even shaped like a cannon ball!

The New York Mets were shot out of a cannon to start the season. Johan Santana back at the top of the rotation is awesome for Mets fans. David Wright’s pinky – not so awesome.

FYI – Cannonballs eventually come back down to earth and explode.

I said it before and I’ll say it again – the season is young. Unlike what I said before, I’m willing to acknowledge that the Mets are through. After the 4-0 start, the cannonball is going to impact at any moment.

Fantasy Baseball – My team – Posey Galore, is currently 15th in the standings. Yes, 15th out of 16 teams. I will try to keep everyone apprized as I ascend to the top of the standings!

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