Cliff Lee’s Freakishly Bittersweet Start

Are Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, and Cole Hamels the best pitchers in MLB? Cliff Lee stated his case 4/18 against the Giants.

Most who follow baseball know that the Phillies have 3 of the best pitchers, period. Last night, the greatness of Cliff Lee was on full display.

Unfortunately, the Phillies hitters were awful, unable to even scratch out 1 run, losing to the San Francisco Giants 1-0 after 11 innings.

Cliff Lee pitched 10 shutout innings… yes 10 shutout innings! Through those 10 innings he struck out 7, and only tossed 102 pitches. It would be an understatement to say he was “feeling it” last night. He actually asked to go back into the game for the 11th inning, but Charlie Manuel didn’t comply.

As a fantasy baseball manager, you always enjoy dominance. Hitting, pitching, it doesn’t matter. Cliff Lee’s game last night was dominant for fantasy managers, but bittersweet for Phillies fans everywhere knowing these are the types of games Philly is supposed to win.

It is not an easy accomplishment for a starting pitching to throw a complete game shutout. It happens a couple of times a season throughout the majors, but safe to say a rare occurrence. A pitcher throwing 10 shutout innings is really rare! The last time a pitcher threw 10 scoreless and lost was 1994. Phillies hitters need to look at themselves in the mirror after last night.

Matt Cain started for the Giants last night. He threw 9 scoreless innings against the Phillies. Like Lee, even though his team ended up winning, did not get a W or CG.

Phillies fans knew heading into this season that Philly would have lean on their great staff to win. My question: How much more can you lean on a pitcher? Cliff Lee threw a once in a career type game last night and the Phillies still lost 1-0.

This game should be a red flag for GM Ruben Amaro. Yes, Chase Utley and Ryan Howard will eventually be plugged into this wretched line-up. *Newsflash* It won’t be enough! They aren’t the same guys they were 4 years ago. The window for a championship officially closes at the end of this season if Cole Hamels is not resigned, and the line-up doesn’t get younger/better.

There are more questions than answers with this Phillies team despite the fact their pitching is off the charts good.

  • Timetable for Howard and Utley’s return? Unknown
  • Will they be productive once they return? Unknown
  • What impact bat can the Phillies add without losing a pitcher? Unknown
  • Who would the Phillies actually deal if they could add a bat? Unknown

If Ruben actually plans on making a championship run this year, he needs to make a move and he knows it. The other problem not listed is that he doesn’t have any minor league talent to trade away other than Dominic Brown.

In parting: My fantasy squad update.
Posey Galore has slipped into dead last – aka 16th out of 16. My pitching has been horrid, and the hitting is not much better. Once these guys start clicking, the defending champs will be back on track!

2 replies to “Cliff Lee’s Freakishly Bittersweet Start

  1. An 11 inning game in 2 hours and 27 minutes is pretty awesome. You gotta love good pitching. Also, my prediction that the Phillies would have no offense was pretty awesome, too. *self pat on the back*

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