Donovan McNabb – “I Think I’m a Hall of Famer”

For the longest time I lobbied on McNabb’s behalf to Eagles fans. As a Redskins fan, I could never understand why Philly supporters wanted nothing to do with Donovan?

McNabb will be considered for the Hall, but making it through the doors is a question.

To Philly fans he will forever be the guy who didn’t get the job done, which I think is a little harsh. And even though I currently have some beef with McNabb, which is a whole other topic, I’m going to set that aside and lobby for him once again.

Forget about the past two years when he was wasting away in Washington and Minnesota. He was a dominant player in the NFL from ’99, when he should have been the number 1 overall pick, through ’09. During that span Philadelphia was a perennial playoff team, and a Super Bowl contender.

The Philadelphia Eagles played in 4 consecutive NFC Championship games from 01-04, and reached the Super Bowl during the 04 campaign. Again, McNabb led the Eagles back to the NFC Championship in 2008.

Aside from the ’04 season when the Eagles brought the T.O. circus to town, here are the clowns McNabb had at his disposal:

  • Todd Pinkston
  • James Thrash
  • Freddie Mitchell
  • Na Brown
  • Antonio Freeman
  • Greg Lewis
  • Chad Lewis
  • L.J. Smith

If you just threw up in your mouth after reading that list of names, I won’t hold any hard feelings if you choose not to finish reading. We know how McNabb felt about these guys, he threw up on the field!

When a player elevates the play of the entire team over a chunk of time it deserves some recognition. McNabb was literally the only offensive threat the Eagles had in the early days. SEE –  WR/TE list above. Luckily the defense had some teeth back then and helped score some points from time to time.

I’m not going to list any stats. I don’t feel like I need to list any. The proof is in the consistency. McNabb haters will be quick to point out that he was consistent at losing the big game, but that is the wrong view point.

The Washington Redskins, Buffalo Bills, and Cleveland Browns have struggled mightily since 1999. They are just a few squads who would love to have a team contend for the championship year in and year out.

I’m always amazed how Eagles fans forget how bad the team actually was before McNabb arrived. He completely changed how the franchise was even viewed. Before he got there, the Eagles were no where near a destination that could draw free agent talent.

On that note, I’ll leave you with some words of wisdom. Words to live by.

Fisherman or not, never touch another man’s pole.

3 replies to “Donovan McNabb – “I Think I’m a Hall of Famer”

  1. I think it will be interesting. Before fantasy football nobody cared about stats. Joe Montana and Troy Aikman were winners…nobody cared how many TD’s they had. Now it’s all about stats and you need well over 4,000 yards and x number of TD’s or you’re not very good. I think he doesn’t get in because by the time he’s eligible his numbers will be tiny, despite being the 3rd best QB of the previous decade. I vote him and Kurt Warner in along with Peyton and Brady from that era.

    1. I’ve always wanted Eagles fans to acknowledge that McNabb deserved to be treated better. Probably the biggest reason I even wrote the post.

      That said, I don’t feel that McNabb should be in the Hall of Fame. The Hall is for the best of the best. That is why I don’t feel that Kurt Warner should be in either.

      Warner was great 99-01.. then had 2 more great season in his next, what 7 or 8 years? It’s true that Warner has THE 3 greatest passing games in SB history, and that is what will probably get him in, but he had ALOT of average/below average seasons.

      In the end I don’t feel that McNabb or Warner should be in. P. Manning and T. Brady are no doubt walking through those doors.

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