Does Anyone Really Want To Get Drafted By The Cleveland Browns?

Listed below is the Browns 1st round draft history since reentering the league in 1999. (list from Wiki)

Tim Couch is one of the biggest draft busts in NFL history.
  • 1999 #1 overall – Tim Couch QB Kentucky
  • 2000 #1 overall – Courtney Brown DE Penn State
  • 2001 #3 overall – Gerard Warren DT Florida
  • 2002 #16 overall – William Green RB Boston College
  • 2003 #21 overall – Jeff Faine C Notre Dame
  • 2004 #6 overall – Kellen Winslow II TE Miami
  • 2005 #3 overall – Braylon Edwards WR Michigan
  • 2006 #13 overall – Kamerion Wimbley LB FSU
  • 2007 #3 overall – Joe Thomas OT Wisconsin
  • 2007 #22 overall – Brady Quinn QB Notre Dame
  • 2008 — No Pick —
  • 2009 #21 overall – Alex Mack C California
  • 2010 #7 overall – Joe Haden CB Florida
  • 2011 #21 overall – Phil Taylor DT Baylor

I’ll give Joe Haden and Phil Taylor a pass for now since they only have 3 years experience between them, but history is not on their side. Outside of Joe Thomas in 2007, most of these players have been lack luster.

The continual draft misses reflects yearly in Cleveland’s record.

Normally a picture is worth 1000 words, but this one gets right to the point: The Cleveland Browns stink.
  • 1999 2-14
  • 2000 3-13
  • 2001 7-9
  • 2002 9-7
  • 2003 5-11
  • 2004 4-12
  • 2005 6-10
  • 2006 4-12
  • 2007 10-6
  • 2008 4-12
  • 2009 5-11
  • 2010 5-11
  • 2011 4-12

The point for bringing all this nonsense up?

If I’m any of the top players at the NFL draft Thursday night not named Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III, such as OT Matt Kalil, RB Trent Richardson, CB Morris Claiborne, or WR Justin Blackmon. I’m praying that the Browns trade out of the 4th overall pick. Getting selected by the Browns in the 1st round is almost like a death sentence. If they don’t trade out of the pick, I would be willing to take less money and get selected later, rather than getting shipped out to the dawg pound.

The Cleveland Browns management has been straight up non-existent, the coaches are horrible, and most importantly the QB’s have consistently been among the worst in the league. The proof is just a glance at the roster away.

The reality is that the Browns will most likely not be trading their 4th overall selection, and a highly tauted player will be heading to the abyss that is Cleveland.

Richardson is regarded as the best running back prospect since Adrian Peterson.

The player that makes the most sense is Alabama running back Trent Richardson. I believe both Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay are projecting Richardson to Cleveland with the 4th selection.

Colt McCoy needs to get the target off his back. The easiest way to do that is to get the him a running game! If Richardson can bring a hint of explosion to the offense, McCoy’s job becomes that much easier when defenses start loading the box with 8 defenders.

I can see an argument for the Browns to look at Blackmon, but I seriously think it would be a mistake to grab Kalil or Claiborne. Joe Thomas has been a stand out at left tackle (the same position Kalil plays), and Claiborne can’t cover EVERYONE on defense. Justin Blackmon would provide Colt McCoy with an explosive target, but with no other big play threats in the offense, Blackmon could easily be double and triple covered.

Not often will I ever say that I feel bad for a pro athlete, but when someone is being condemned to playing for the Cleveland Browns, I will make an exception! Trent Richardson… my prayers are with you.

3 replies to “Does Anyone Really Want To Get Drafted By The Cleveland Browns?

  1. I’d be willing to play for the Browns, taking one for the team (in this case other teams), just like certain other upcoming situations.

  2. Am I the only one that thought that the only team that had nothing to lose and should have traded for tebow and tried to form their whole offense around his skill set was the Cleveland Browns? They have nearly zero going for them. Why not try to come up with a spread option offense around Trent Richardson and Tebow and see where it leads them? In the words of Gene Hackman in The Replacements, “there’s no tommorow for you, and that makes you very dangerous!”. Instead, there’s still no tommorow for them.

    1. If there was a place for Tebow, I agree, it was Cleveland.
      Two Reasons:
      1) Cleveland is horrid and should be willing to do just about anything to assemble a winning team.
      2) He would at least draw people to the stadium to watch him throw bounce passes, and run over D-Linemen.

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