The Worst Player In Major League Baseball: 2012 Edition

No need to guess who it is… I’ll just tell you. The worst player in MLB is Nick Johnson.

I was at the game last night when Nick Johnson was hit by this pitch. Manager Buck Showalter and the Orioles trainer were quick out of the dugout to check on Johnson's health status.

The oft-injured Johnson somehow, someway, duped the desperate Orioles into giving him a contract. Nick Johnson has been praised in the past for having a great OBP. (On-base percentage for those who aren’t familiar) This year, he is flat-out garbage. Other than getting hit by a pitch last night, he hasn’t done much.

He is currently 0-26 this year. His OBP is .133 – aka he has been on base twice so far this season. He walked once, and was HBP last night.

The Orioles had a 1-0 lead when Blue Jays LF Eric Thames hit a weak chopper towards Johnson at first base in the top of the 6th inning. In typical Nick Johnson stinks at life fashion, he didn’t get in front of the ball and completely whiffed. He probably feared he could be hurt on the play. 2 runs scored on his error, giving the Blue Jays the upper hand in a low scoring ball game .

Lucky for Nick Johnson, Adam Jones is actually a capable player who can hit. Jones tied the game up in the bottom of the 6th driving in Nick Markaksis. In the 8th, Jones hit a solo shot to break the 2-2 tie. Chris Davis put the game away with a 2 run shot later in the 8th.

Long story short:

  1. The Orioles must be desperate to even think that Nick Johnson can contribute.
  2. Nick Johnson is hitless on the season and completely sucks.
  3. Johnson almost single-handedly screwed an Orioles victory last night.
  4. It’s only a matter of time before he gets hurt, traded, or cut.
  5. Hopefully we never see him on a MLB field again once he does get cut.

In parting, I will leave you with this: No one likes a Twitter quiter.

2 replies to “The Worst Player In Major League Baseball: 2012 Edition

    1. Oh I’ve heard of Ike, and he is having a horrible season. The differnce is that Ike actually has talent. Nick Johnson has been a fraud for so long.. getting one year deals after one year deals… I have no idea why teams keep signing him>

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