Bobby Abreu Is Out! Who’s Next?

The Angels have FINALLY cut ties with OF Bobby Abreu. Honestly, It’s probably a move that should have happened before the season even started.

Abreu has been a player with declining skills for some time now.

The aging Bobby Abreu came into this season with the Angels without a position to play. The outfield was a log jam even before LA decided to sign Albert Pujols. With Pujols at first, and Kendrys Morales returning from injury to fill the DH role. The Angels had too many players for three outfield spots.

  • Torii Hunter
  • Vernon Wells
  • Peter Bourjos
  • Mark Trumbo
  • Mike Trout
  • (Bobby Abreu)

Ideally, a lineup that featured Mike Trout, Mark Trumbo, and Peter Bourjos in the outfield would probably be the Angels’ best fit. With Torii Hunter as the 4th outfielder, also splitting some time at DH with Kendrys Morales.

Notice in that scenario, Vernon Wells is not getting any playing time. Unfortunately, he will be on the team for the next couple years. Unless a miracle happens and some other MLB team decides they want to waste a ton of money.

Mike Trout was just called up from Triple-A when Abreu was cut and will be in the Angels line-up today. He has been crushing the ball in the minors so far this season. With the Angels hitters slumping, manager Mike Scioscia is banking on Trout to generate some offense.

The Angels spent a boatload of money during the off-season and are expected to push for a World Series championship this season. So to find them in last place in the AL West is shocking, but please, it isn’t even May yet. The season is still very young and the Angels have plenty of time to make a run.

Lastly: My fantasy baseball team update – The good and the bad.

Good: Albert Pujols is leading my team with 7 doubles
Bad: Albert Pujols is last on my team with 0 home runs.

That all adds up to my team lurking in the basement. Still 16th out of 16.

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