The Blimp Saga

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It is 5 pm. A very nice summers day, not overly hot or humid, just a faint breeze blowing.

I’m at my mom’s house. No one is there. Feels like I’m the only one whose been there in weeks. I step outside and all is silent, an eerie, empty feeling. Something is very wrong but I don’t know what? That is when I hear sirens and see smoke across town.

I run inside and listen to the police scanner by the dinning room window gazing at the cloud of smoke.

“His men are everywhere… it’s a war zone out here…” “Park Elementary has caught on fire” “We need emergency response teams here now!”

I know instantly who is responsible: The Joker. Why is he in Columbia? Doesn’t matter really, only thing that matters is stopping him. He is up to his old tricks again, harming the innocent, and causing chaos for no reason except his own amusement.

I run out of the house over towards the barn knowing I have to do something. The neighbors ask me what is going on as I run by. I tell them I’m not sure, but deep down, I know Columbia is in for a very long night.

As I open the barn, I hit the roof retracting button, then I run up the stairs to start the blimp inflation. I’ve never used the blimp before, but I know it isn’t a quick process to get it filled with hot air. With the streets in town surely blocked off, this is the only way I can get to the scene. Now I play the waiting game.

I have lost track of time and can still see the smoke from Park School. I honestly have no idea if the emergency is still pressing, or if the Joker’s are men still overwhelming the authorities? I haven’t listened to the scanner and my mind has been racing. The blimp is ready and so am I. I’m going to do all I can to put an end to this madness.

One could probably drive from my mom’s house to Park School in 5 minutes, unfortunately for me, the blimp doesn’t go that fast. As the fire at Park rages on and the Joker’s thugs still running wild in the streets, the sun starts to set.

As the blimp approaches Jansen’s Park, catty-corner from the school, it doesn’t take long to see that there is a small army of hostiles. I’m unable to locate the Joker, but the grunts waste no time in firing millions of bullets through the blimp, as if they were expecting me. As the blimp rapidly loses air, it looks like I’ll land right on top of a burning elementary school. I manage to escape the blimp before in lands in the tall flames.

Time to try to put an end to this. The police seem to have some of the Joker’s men surrounded on Jansen’s baseball diamond. As I run across the intersection from Park to Jansen’s I hear a shrieking laugh. Standing in the middle of the street, I turn and look down Cherry St. from the top of the hill, only to see blazing fires on each block for as far as I could see.

Still no sign of The Joker.

***I’ve had this dream 3 different times, none recently though. Each time was a little more revealing, but all end with my blimp burning up and The Joker still at large.***

I wonder how a dream guru would break this down? The obvious points of dissection would be fire, conflict, and no resolution. All I want to know is how the blimp fits in? I mean, that’s pretty cool that I have a blimp stashed in the barn isn’t it?

Anyone want to take a stab at breaking it down? Don’t be shy. Please do not limit responses to just the blimp part either. ====> To the comment section!

8 replies to “The Blimp Saga

  1. Seems a bit nolstagic, if you focus on the positive images: blimp (lofty), hometown places (comfort). But there are also some negative ones: fire (destructive… maybe rebirth), the joker (trickery)… tough call. I would probably like to know how you felt about the dream. When interpreting dreams, always focus on the imagery and what’s going on in your life at the time. Hope this helps!

    1. I would argue that there aren’t any positive images in the dream … from the get-go he senses something is wrong. He has anxiety over it. That defines the whole dream. The hometown places, for example, are simply filling a need because the dream has to take place somewhere. If anything, hometown could actually represent many negative things, and it does do that for many people (how many people think their hometown is crap, or had experiences enough to know that they want to get away from it). And you say always focus on the imagery … but that’s useless by itself. The “feel” of the dream is what gives it any meaning. All imagery can only be interpreted by how it made the dreamer feel, or how it affected what they were already feeling. On TV characters try to interpret images because its written that way, its written to be a puzzle. But for the most part, that’s not how it is. That said … I look forward to arguing dreams with you in the future, perhaps as our next dinner topic. Have to add, I met Patrick Stewart the other day in a dream. It was great. Though not as great as the girls I also met in that dream. Heh.

  2. Dream interpretation is almost complete hokum … but what the hey…. For starters, you’re alone, there’s a crisis, and only you can really save the day. Obviously, you want to be the hero … but so does every kid at that age (or at least the boys—can’t speak to the girls). I know you went to Taylor, but it’s still the school. You want to save your friends, classmates … or perhaps more likely, the girls. Doesn’t mean you like any of them; just means you want to impress them … again, so does every kid at that age. So why the Joker? Perhaps he was just a character you knew well, that you’d always been interested in, if only to battle him. As an adult, perhaps he represents chaos at its worse … but as a kid, well … he’s a messed up clown. He’s a cartoony villain. Easily imagined as the enemy in a child’s mind. (Side note, the blog doesn’t say your age, but these things all could apply to elementary or high school).

    Now on to the blimp. Perhaps it gives you hope because it flies, and yet, its still so slow. You just can’t seem to get there. Common dream imagery, perhaps representing a fear of failure, or any of a number of anxieties that everyone has at some point. Same thing for when the blimp goes down. You don’t lost outright, but you still can’t find the enemy. You need to be the hero but you never quite get there. And the thugs expected you because they’re actually a part of you (it is all your dream, after all), and every part of you knows about the other parts, weather you realize it or not. This means that the true enemy, which you can never quite get to, never quite defeat … is really yourself. You are your own worst obstacle. Which is true pretty much all the time in life. It may even be why you can’t find the Joker, the true enemy in the dream … because you are the Joker: your mind already knows this.

    And finally, why does the blimp come out a barn? I don’t know … maybe you porked a pig.

    1. It occurs to me that you weren’t a kid when you had the dream. But I stand by the general ideas hereby presented, adding only that the Joker is an even more powerful symbol because of how much more you understand him as an adult. Oh, and the barn. If that is the barn we all know, than that’s obviously where it comes from … I was thinking that your dream took place in your old house near Taylor, not at the one with the barn. Yeah … that’s that.

      1. I wonder what The Sleeper would say about this dream.

        As I read this, I can see the dream vividly, it’s unreal. I guess that’s why i eventually posted it even though it wasn’t a dream I had around the time of the posting.

        I think I may want to actually attempt to shoot some footage to post along with this – What do you think?

  3. Thank you both for your comments.

    I had the dream 4 years ago while I was still living at my mom’s house (their current residence). The second dream the following night, and the third one a couple months later.

    Also worth noting that The Dark Knight came out 4 years ago. I’m pretty sure that the dream preceeded the movie.

    I would say that the bulk of the dream happened on the blimp. It took so long, I wasted precious dream time! hahah

    From the time of day that the fire starts (summer, 5pm) I would think it’s safe to say there weren’t any students in the building. I went to Taylor and am not familiar with Park at all. And at the time, I was 25 (because I’m 29 now) so I would guess that any ties to the elementary school can be ruled out, but who knows?

    Also worth noting, I hadn’t started reading any comic books at that point. Other than a general knowledge of The Joker: movies, cartoons, etc… I didn’t really have any background knowledge.

    Who’s up next for a breakdown????

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