KISS’ New Album Due In July!

By the end of July, The Avengers, Spider-Man, and Batman will dominate the box office fighting various monsters that threaten our safety. The legendary rock group KISS on the other hand will have released a monster.

That’s right! The hottest band in the world – KISS is slated to drop their 20th studio album in July called “Monster”. From what I have read on various sites, all the material was written by each of the four current band members: Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Tommy Thayer, and Eric Singer, like KISS’ 2009 release “Sonic Boom”.

I have a ton of KISS’ material, and I used to have a ton of KISS t-shirts… which I was unfortunately forced to part with for unknown reasons (aka fiancée). Anyway, I must say, I’m really excited for this album to drop.

Despite not latching on to Sonic Boom immediately, the album is a really good collection of rock songs. After I got passed the feeling that the songs were literally to clean sounding (damn technology.. haha not really), all the songs hit a nerve that very much reminded me of KISS’ 5th studio album “Rock and Roll Over”. It didn’t feel like any of the tracks were manufactured to try to be bigger or better than they were, which has happened before with songs like “Crazy, Crazy Nights”, Sonic Boom was just filled with solid rock tracks. If KISS attacked Monster with the same mindset as Sonic Boom, but took it to another level, it should be an awesome album!

Apparently the band had 20 to 25 songs ready when they had to face the music and cut the track list down to 12 songs. Then watching this video with Paul chatting about the album, like any true fan, I couldn’t help but get an adrenaline rush. If bands like Aerosmith can have new hits and fanfare this late in the game, why can’t KISS?

KISS is touring with Motley Crue this summer and if I had the money to drop on tickets, I would have already. They will surely be playing all the classic songs like “Deuce”, “Love Gun” and “Detroit Rock City”, but I wouldn’t mind getting a peak at the new material. I’ve seen KISS 5 times and have yet to see the Crue. It seems like a definite win-win.

6 replies to “KISS’ New Album Due In July!

  1. You threw out your KISS shirts for the whims of a woman? Unless it was part of a trade in which you give up your shirts and she submits to Topless Tuesdays around the house I wholeheartedly object to this.

    I know your response to this will probably be a quote from the Leper Elder Robert the Bruce about a man’s abilty to compromise making him noble, but I will quote William Wallace in an advanced rebuttal: “SLAVES ARE MADE IN SUCH WAYS!”

    1. Haha.. I was definitely against it… And it wasn’t just my KISS shirts either! All concert shirts were shown the door, plus any store bought shirts supporting bands.

      That said, I just got a Foo Fighters shirt in March and that is not going anywhere!!!!

  2. I would just like to clarify that 99.9% of his tshirts were completely and utterly worn out and ill-fitting. No one likes a holey, faded belly shirt… especially on a dude. So, yeah, decided it was time to KISS ’em goodbye! When we sorted through them, most got tossed but, as I recall, Brian also supported it.

    And I don’t dislike all concert/band shirts… I actually got you a Green Day one from sal val and like your others.

    You still have KISS memorabilia… like that lava lamp that doesn’t work. haha. Plus, our song is “Forever” so you can’t say that I haven’t compromised 😉

  3. ALL CONCERT SHIRTS! I feel like I’ve been punched in the stomach just reading that. Tina, you’re getting really close to Jam’s Mom from Detroit Rock City territory here. Did you pile up the shirts and light them on fire with your cigarette?

    I think the least you can do to make amends on this so-called compromise is to change ya’ll’s song from the lovely “Forever” to the KISS classic “(You make me) Rock Hard”. No? C’mon, at least “Love Gun” or “Into the Void”!

    One final note…while looking up good KISS songs for you to replace Forever with on iTunes I re-stumbled upon the worst fucking song in history: “Shandi” is so bad I forgot how nauseated I was by the ill-fitting t-shirt massacre of 2012 and felt sick because I was listening to such an awful song. Good luck, you crazy yankee kids. 🙂

    1. Hahahaha When I listen or refer to KISS material.. that excludes songs from Unmasked, The Elder, and about 91% of songs released until Revenge, but Forever is actually one of my favorites. How could it not be? It was written by Paul Stanley and Michael Bolton!

      The t-shirt massacre of 2012? Try the t-shirt massacre of 08/09! I have been without these concert gems paid for with hard earned cash for a quite a bit, and it saddens me.

      And as for the KISS memorabilia, I’m not even allowed to have it in the house!!! It’s almost criminal that I’m not allowed show such a great display.

      1. I think the only top notch songs from the 80’s KISS albums are probably the 3 filthiest…the aforementioned “Rock Hard”, “Put the X in Sex”, and probably my favorite” “Uh! All Night”. Musically, they got a little lost, but lyrically they hit the g spot right on.

        Anyhow, 24 hours later I’m still stunned that this happened A FEW YEARS AGO. All I have to say is I hereby disallow you using “the legend” as a nickname as there’s no way a Legend would have given up his KISS tshirts to Jam’s Mom.

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