Ultimate Flashback: Bowmansville 2009

The best ultimate team I ever played on was the 2009 team I put together for the Bowmansville 5 on 5 Tournament. The tournament was 1 day, 6 players per roster, 5 on the field at a time.

I entered a team into the 5 on 5 tourney three of the four years it was held. (So I’ll give you the quick history)

  • Schwarzenegger in 2007 was Matt Riggleman, Tim Smith, Taz Keyser, Tommy Beaston, Kenny Wagner and myself. We were unbeaten in a 10 team field. Besting a squad called the Bohemians in the championship, which I later found out, had won the tournament the previous year.
  • Commando in 2008 was Matt Riggleman, Tim Smith, Dan Brubaker, Tom Schroeder, Nick McCarty, and myself. It was a 12 team field if I remember correctly, but we ended up losing in the championship to a team named Toothsome. Toothsome turned out to be a collegiate squad from ESU (East Stroudsburg University). They were, by far, the best team I had ever played against until that point. It wasn’t a close game.
  • Huck U in 2009 was Tim Smith, Clark Meshey, Jarrett Swisher, Tom Schroeder, Taz Keyser and myself. We lost the first game of the day in a 16 team field due to some players dealing with hangovers, but we won every game we played after that. Leading us to a championship rematch against Toothsome. Swish and Clark were starting to cramp up before the game, and everyone else was flat out beat. That said, Toothsome was never in the game and I loved it.

Feel free to check out the 2009 championship game! (I make a sick throw look easy @5:42)

Here is the second half.

Throughout all the CU games and other tournament games I have played in, this win against Toothsome was by far the most gratifying for me. The combination of winning a 16 team tourney and avenging the championship loss from the previous year was awesome. Luckily for me, the people who put the tournament together taped it and posted it on YouTube.

Last summer, I played in a summer ultimate league in Allentown. Where lo and behold, Toothsome also played. I didn’t recognize any of the players from the tournament, but they were still very good. It was fun getting to witness so many skilled players compete, because the entire league was loaded with talent, with the exception of my team. We might have won one game all season?

2012 will be the first summer since I started CU in 2004 that I will not be participating in a summer ultimate league. Craziness….

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