CW Arrow: Series Super Villain Revealed?

The newest Arrow teaser (over 3 and 1/2 minute long) drops a bomb on giddy Green Arrow fans!!!

At the 3:22 mark in the trailer, you see that image – the mask of Deathstroke.

I realize the pilot is already finished, but please, pretty please do not let this be a shock value, let’s try to pump up the ratings, super villain name drop.

I am really excited for Arrow, have been way before this extended look was released. If the writers and TV producers leave me with just a mask cameo and do not work Slade Wilson (Deathstroke) into main plot line, I might have to boycott Arrow after pumping it up for months.

In “Identity Crisis” Green Arrow and other Justice Leaguers face off against Deathstroke. By the end of that battle Deathstroke has an arrow through his right eye socket. In the final pages of Identity Crisis, Green Arrow finds a message with an arrow in it from Deathstroke. The note reads, “This is yours – We’re not done.”, referring to the arrow that Ollie stuck in his eye. This still from Arrow may be eluding to that.

Deathstroke also crashes Green Arrow and Black Canary’s wedding with a bunch of super villains during “The Wedding Album”. Meaning that these two have definitely had their run-ins, and they don’t really care for each other. You weren’t expecting super heroes and villains to get along were you?

If Deathstroke does appear in the pilot episode, I have to give mad props to the producers for not wasting anytime, diving in head first and introducing some awesome characters from the DC Universe. I absolutely cannot wait for this show!

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