The Avengers Aftermath

Marvel’s Avengers is now the third highest grossing movie of all time. With the individual successes of Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America, was there really any doubt that Avengers wouldn’t be a box office hit? The fact that it was a completely awesome movie helped catapult it the third highest grossing movie ever, but it was never going to be a flop.

Marvel has their ducks in a row. Already slating release dates for Iron Man 3, Thor 2, and Captain America 2. Plus, a sequel to Avengers has been confirmed, with a possible 2014 release. The real question looming since the Avengers release is this: Will DC respond with a Justice League movie?

If money talks (and the last time I checked, it does) DC can’t afford not to get a Justice League project in the works. Only problem, Marvel started laying the ground work for Avengers in 2008. If you use that timeline as a gauge, we will not be watching a Justice League movie until 2016!

Upcoming DC projects:
This summer – Christopher Nolan’s Batman saga will conclude with The Dark Knight Rises. Both Nolan and Christian Bale have stated this is their last go round with Batman. Meaning if there were to be a Justice League movie, we would have a fresh face under the Batman cowl.    😦

Next summer – The new Superman flick: Man Of Steel. There is a slight chance DC execs could use the film for a possible lead in for a JLA franchise. Personally, I doubt it. The Superman franchise has been under fire for so long, the producers for Man Of Steel don’t need the extra burden of a possible JLA launching pad, they will solely be concentrating on making sure Man Of Steel is a good product.

I read an article online somewhere tossing out Justice League movie ideas/rumors. It said that DC might do a JLA franchise, but it would stand alone, and wouldn’t include any actors that are currently cast in their individual superhero roles. AKA Henry Cavill wouldn’t be Superman, and if Green Lantern would be cast, Ryan Reynolds would not be attached, same for Bale with Batman even if he was interested in returning. I also read that there might be a solo Flash movie in the works.

Compared to Marvel, DC doesn’t have a great history bringing their characters to the big screen aside from Batman. I find it hard to believe that they would be so ambitious to try to launch a JLA franchise without having some successful solo missions/franchises to draw from i.e. new Batman, Superman, possibly Green Lantern and The Flash.

Avengers director Joss Whedon was recently asked in an interview what he thought about a possible JLA movie? His answer: call me.

My advice for DC: call Joss Whedon right now!

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