Winter Soldier in Captain America 2?

When Iron Man hit theaters in 2008, Marvel started fans on a journey that was somewhat unprecedented. Other than the James Bond franchise which has over 20 titles to its credit, Marvel Studios launched what has become a seemingly limitless strand of successful adventures. A list that includes Iron Man 1 & 2, Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, and most recent mega-hit The Avengers. These 5 titles are just the tip of the iceberg.

The Bond franchise has been at it since 1962’s Dr. No and will release their 23rd franchise title in November with Skyfall starring Daniel Craig. Marvel obviously has other superhero releases to their credit, Spider-Man, X-men, and so on. But if you only include the Avengers strand of movies, they will have 9 total titles by the end of summer 2014, with Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 slated for next summer, plus a second Captain America and a possible Avengers sequel in 2014. All that greatness in only six years. It brings a smile to my face to think, these too, are still just scratching the surface for Marvel.

Which finally brings us to the reason for all this babbling. (Sorry, tend to get carried away sometimes)

God bless the internet, without it, we would be deprived of all the delicious internet movie rumors! Some details regarding the Iron Man and Thor installments due out next year can be found. Such as the villains that each movie will be featuring. Iron Man will be facing off against various threats like The Iron Patriot and The Mandarin, while Thor and Loki will butt heads again in Thor 2. Details for Captain America are harder to come by, mainly because the plot is still up in the air and unknown, and that is why the rumor mill is swirling. Enter one of my newest favorites to read: Winter Soldier.

Bucky Barnes is the Winter Soldier

We know S.H.I.E.L.D is going to play a major role in Cap 2 and that would lead most to believe the story will take place now rather than during the 40’s. I would expect to see cameos from Hawkeye, and Black Widow, specifically Black Widow if Winter Soldier is cast. Bucky and Natasha have history and been romantically linked.

Possible story arcs/characters being considered include The Falcon fighting with Cap against Baron Zemo, or Winter Soldier. When I saw that Winter Soldier was being considered I wanted to tell anyone who would listen! Being a little bias, I would prefer Winter Soldier over Baron Zemo; but these characters have backgrounds that would lend to modern-day adversaries. Best case scenario: cast both Baron Zemo and Winter Soldier!

Bucky Barnes died in WWII fighting alongside Captain America. His body was preserved in ice like Cap, though he was missing his left arm. He was recovered and revived by the Russians, suffering from brain damage and amnesia, scientists attached a bionic arm and programmed him to be a Soviet assassin/spy for Department X – The Winter Soldier.

During the Cold War, he was a vital resource for the Soviets, making many enemies along the way. Between missions, Department X stored him in cryogenic stasis, which is why he really hasn’t aged.

Captain America eventually faced off against Bucky and saved him. Cap helped Bucky remember who he was before the Winter Soldier, and now fights against the Russians. Trying to right the all the wrongs he possibly can. Bucky Barnes even took the mantle of Captain America for some time, when Steve Rodgers wasn’t sure if he wanted it any longer.

After The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises in coming weeks, Captain America 2 will top my most anticipated list.

NEXT WEEK: Guest writer Nate Fischer and I will discuss The Amazing Spider-Man!

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