Penn State Scandal

Former FBI director Louis Freeh has been investigating the scandal at Penn State University since November. Yesterday, he released all of his findings. Stating that Joe Paterno, university president Graham Spanier, athletic director Tim Curley, and senior vice president Gary Schultz knew about Jerry Sandusky’s child sexual abuse and did nothing to report, or stop his criminal actions. Allowing Sandusky to continually victimize children on their watch.

This series of events is truly one of the darkest, most shameful tragedies the sporting world has ever seen.

Joe Paterno’s legacy as we knew it is completely shattered and Penn State’s reputation was 100% tied to his legacy. The trust at PSU, “the university that did everything the right way”, is completely broken.

Joe Paterno is NOT the icon you thought he was. It’s a complete oxymoron to be revered for your integrity in the highest regard and conceal a child molester in the office next to you.

Following the coverage yesterday. I heard many fans, talk show hosts, and sports analysts express that the football program at Penn State should be shut down, or at least suspended. I do not feel that way. Shutting down the football program would be cutting the university’s main revenue stream. Hurting current and potential students who attend PSU and having no effect on the people who were involved in this atrocity. If anything, I want to see the people who were responsible for letting a child predator roam the campus, and didn’t want to see that child predator be treated inhumanly pay, and pay dearly.

What should happen is this: Remove Joe Paterno’s statue along with all Paterno references from campus and have Graham Spanier, Tim Curley, and Gary Schultz face criminal charges for their part in Jerry Sandusky’s child abuse. It may sound simple, but it will be a very long, very unpleasant process.

When their guilty verdicts come in and their sentences are determined, Penn State can start a new chapter with brighter days laying ahead.

3 replies to “Penn State Scandal

  1. I heard an interesting idea: instead of making them shut down or anything like that, make them change the name, colors, logos, and everything from the Nittany Lions to something else and put every bit of JoePa’s legacy in the past. It would fine the university from the standpoint that they’d have to put new signs everywhere while not affecting current students and helping everyone to move on. Certainly Nittany Lions football is more offensive at this point than all the native american-named schools who had to do that in the past 20 years. Even Chowan.

    1. That is an interesting idea. It’ll never happen though. For the same reason they won’t completely shut the football program down. Too much money would be lost/spent.

  2. Good post. Not a surprise at all obviously that Joe Paterno and Penn State were big time hiding the scandal. It’s a sad day for college football but not shocking by any means. It’s so hard to really trust these public figures because who they in public can be so much different than who they are in reality. Tiger Woods is one to come to mind. Although, Tiger Woods didn’t do anything illegal. This JoePa thing must be a tough pill to swallow for a lot of people. Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I really wanna hear what you have to say

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