An Awesome NFL Logo Proposal from

I can’t believe the NFL season is right around the corner! Training camp in July, preseason in August, and week 1 in September.

I normally get excited for the start of a new season. A fresh start for all teams, more specifically – my Redskins. This year with the addition of Baylor’s Heisman trophy winning QB Robert Griffin III, it seems like the Redskins are ready to turn the page from all the awful, here we go again, last in the NFC East type football.

There is only one thing that could get me more hyped for the season.

Last year, my buddy Doug Kopf sent me a link to Gridion-League is a site that re-imagined all NFL team logo’s to have a more gritty, throwback look.

If the NFL adopted all these emblems I would probably go broke, because I would want to buy at least one jersey from all the different teams. I feel like it would give the players more of a gladiator look, rather than a diva-ish style. (At least for the wide-outs)

Any idea that promotes the feeling of having a Dick Butkus, Dick “Night Train” Lane, or Deacon Jones on the field, I support it. Just so there is no misunderstanding, I’m fully aware Butkus, Lane, and Jones aren’t in the Hall of Fame for their looks.

2 replies to “An Awesome NFL Logo Proposal from

  1. Roger Goodell is counting the money his teams are producing despite jerseys and logos continually getting worse and the on-field product of the league truly deteriorating while he has led it. Meanwhile, this logo creator is counting the day til he gets a date. The lesson as always: life is not fair.

  2. You have to admit that these designs are pretty sick! I love the tagline on the website… a little more Vince Lombardi-era rather than the Cold-Activated era.

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