RGIII Has A New Contract, New Commercial… and Huge Expectations.

Robert Griffin III signed his rookie contract today ending a mini holdout, in which he missed the first two days of rookie training camp. I never felt as though Griffin would hold out through training camp, especially with the new collective bargaining agreement’s rookie wage scale, but the news will let Washington fans everywhere sleep easier. The Redskins entire squad will report for training camp next week.

There is a ton of hype with¬†RGIII. He is already one of the biggest stars on the Redskins roster and he hasn’t even played a down in the NFL. The Heisman Trophy winner has swagger, appeal, and let’s not forget about the cannon he has for a right arm. At Baylor, Griffin showed great leadership qualities and on-field production. He has all the traits the Redskins have been lacking from all of their quarterbacks since… hmm… I can’t even remember the last time.

The Redskins haven’t sustained any level of success since Daniel Snyder bought the team. Robert Griffin III will be tasked with leading Washington into an era of Super Bowl contention. Like Peyton Manning did with the Colts and Tom Brady has done with the Patriots. In a time where instant gratification in the NFL is paramount, Griffin III will be up against all odds. Plus, the NFC east is loaded with potential playoff contenders, including the defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants.

The $21.1M contract comes one day after Griffin III’s new Adidas commercial dropped. There may be a rookie wage scale limiting Griffin III’s salary as he enters the league, but it seems as though he will be making out just fine with endorsement deals. Other than Brian Orakpo, he is the only other player on the Redskins roster who I have seen in a commercial.

Everything is looking up for Robert Griffin III. Let’s hope his transition from a collegiate star into a NFL superstar is as easy as he makes it look in this commercial. Hail to the Redskins!

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