The Ultimate Sports Conversation Starter

Who is the ultimate lightning rod in sports today? I’ll give you a hint: it is one of the two New York Jets quarterbacks pictured. Of course! It’s Tim Tebow.

According to some fans Tebow can do nothing wrong, and according to others he can do nothing right. He is the center of attention everywhere with football season about to burst on the scene. I dare you to turn on ESPN, or NFL Network right now and see who the top story is. Or you could pick up this month’s issue of GQ Magazine. Tebowtime is back, even though he isn’t the starting quarterback for the Jets… yet.

Mark Sanchez has gotten better every year of his career to this point, but in the NFL, nothing is given to you. One day you have a job and the next you don’t. That is especially true when you have a fan favorite just chomping at the bit to get on the field and prove his merit. Just ask Kyle Orton how that worked out for him?

I’m already on record with the negative Tebow outlook. He is not a good quarterback.. blah, blah, blah and until he learns to consistently throw accurate passes, he will not lead any team to the Super Bowl. That analysis comes from a standpoint purely based on his skill set, but skill set isn’t the only thing that comes into play during an game. There is focus, drive, determination, and decision making and that is where Tebow seems to thrive.

Tim Tebow is excited to be a Jet.

The positive Tebow outlook is where fans/critics, including myself, need to focus. How his infectious confidence reverberates throughout the locker room. Belief is one of the most powerful aspects of human life. Tebow’s ability to instill belief in all of his teammates makes him a very dangerous weapon, and that is the exact reason Rex Ryan wanted him on his sideline.

This situation with the Jets intrigues me due to the huge market and magnifying glass that is New York. Are people really going to care about the skill set if Tebow gets his chance and the wins keep piling up? It didn’t matter last season when Tebow’s heroics in Denver took the nation by storm every Sunday. At worst, Tim Tebow’s presence pushes Mark Sanchez to play at a higher level than he has ever played. Seems like a win/win situation to me.

The Tim Tebow debate is one that could rage on forever. Just ask anyone you bump into today about their opinion of Tebow.

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