What I’ve Learned About The Redskins Through 2 Weeks.

Griffin III has the knack for big plays.

The Good – Washington has a new sheriff in town!

The Redskins were the talk of the league after week one with Robert Griffin III winning his NFL debut in grand fashion against the heavily favored New Orleans Saints. 320 yards passing, 2 touchdowns, and no turnovers will tend to grab people’s attention. Week 2 against the St. Louis Rams Griffin looked human, but I’m not taking anything away from him. His play, along with Alfred Morris’ running attack has provided an offensive charge that Washington hasn’t had in many years. Scoring 68 points through 2 games, now that is something I could easily get used to!

The Red Flags

  1. Two straight weeks the Redskins punt team has allowed a punt to be blocked.
  2. The defense hasn’t taken the step I thought it would. Allowing over 30 points a game is not a recipe for success.
  3. STUPID PENALTIES!!! Even with the Redskins poor defensive effort they had a chance to be 2-0, if not for a horrible penalty by Josh Morgan, which took Washington out of FG range on their last possession when Washington had a chance to send the game into OT.

Regarding the punt unit’s blunders, Sav Rocca needs to lose 20 lbs so he can get a punt of a couple of seconds quicker or Mike Shanahan has to find somebody who is willing to block. A blocked punt per game will never lead to good results. Playoff teams and Super Bowl contenders don’t have these types of problems.

The defense has to step up and set the tone. I know each of the projected starting safeties missed the first two games, but come on! Giving up 300 yards a game through the air, not ideal by any means. RG3 is good but he’s not Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers just yet, they both covered up for some of the all-time worst defenses last season, RG3 shouldn’t be asked to do that. Not if they intend on winning. The linebackers have been really good. London Fletcher is the heartbeat of the defense, he has been since he came to Washington. Ryan Kerrigan has been great too and he was huge again today. Unfortunately the linebackers can’t do everything. They need some help from the DB’s on the back end when pressure is applied on opposing QB’s.

Brian Orakpo has been dinged up, but moving forward I expect Orakpo to make an impact stuffing the run and pressuring the quarterback. If the Redskins are going to make a playoff push, he will be one of the defensive players that will be leading the way. We can’t have second string running backs ripping off 20 yard runs every other play like I saw today against the Rams.

Overall I like what I’ve seen, but knowing that 2-0 was in Washington’s grasp, I’m a little disappointed. With the Eagles playing as bad as they have (9 turnovers in 2 games) and they’re winning the division with a 2-0 record, I honestly feel that a division crown for Washington isn’t out of the realm of possibilities.

2 replies to “What I’ve Learned About The Redskins Through 2 Weeks.

  1. Well… are you going to swoop in and defend the Eagles after getting dominated by an overwhelming Cardinals defense?? I know you are a Bucs fan now, but I figured you probably had something to say.

    Cardinals offense looked pretty good as well.

    As for my Redskins, their defense is officially horrendus!! RG3 faced some adversity again today and I loved the way he responded after a poopy first half. Sucks that with 29 seconds left in the game, they were going in for a TD from the 19. Then two plays later, with 7 seconds left, it was 3rd and 50 and they needed 60 yards to score.

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