Please Recognize

Last night while eating dinner at my dad’s house, somebody asked Christina and I if we got a DJ for our wedding yet? We haven’t yet, so she said no. I followed that with this statement – “It’s OK though, I have a list with all the music picked out already anyway.” The problem… that was news to Christina.

Later, I turn the car on and ‘Flirtin With Disaster’ came on the radio. I was excited since I hadn’t heard the song in a bit. Christina wasn’t too excited, the look on her face –> not a good one. Then, what I thought to be an obvious joke due to the title of the song, I say (with a straight face) that ‘Flirtin With Disaster’ is on the list of songs I’m giving the DJ for our wedding. That is when a little disagreement started to unfold and Christina went on a bit of a tirade. She not only slammed the song by saying, “It sounds like somebody threw up in a hole in the wall at a dive bar”, she also went on to say that SHE actually listens to GOOD music and whatever songs I had on my list to give to the DJ were crap. Needless to say, I have a huge problem with this statement.

I’ve been listening to, and playing rock music for years now and I know my rock history. I have seen my fair share of concerts to back it up – KISS, Aerosmith, Skynyrd, The Who, the Stones, Robert Plant, Springsteen… the list goes on and on. Molly Hatchet’s ‘Flirtin With Disaster’ is one of the most famous and recognizable southern rock songs of all time. For her to jab at the music I listen to when the music she listens to includes artists like Black Eyed Peas, and a ton of other talentless scrubs is an outrage. A simple joke about the wedding is now turning into a war of actual music versus dance music.

Jimmy Page

I was never unaware of the fact that weddings are more of a dance setting. The list of songs that I have is really only three songs long at this point, but this disagreement has gone past what is good for the wedding. She is trying to tramp all over rock ‘n’ roll.

The rest of the way home she is telling me why ‘Flirtin With Disaster’ is a completely horrible song, and how people who listen to classic rock now are in or should be in retirement homes. I can’t help but have a huge smirk on my face. I can’t get over how ignorant to great music she is and that she literally is trying to “prove” whatever rubbish she listens to is better than bands like Led Zeppelin and The Beatles. I was pretty much silent the rest of the night because I don’t have to push why Jimmy Page is a legendary rock ‘n’ roll guitarist. His song writing and playing tell all.

11 replies to “Please Recognize

  1. It’s too bad for you that rock ‘n roll didn’t officially peak until 1984 when Pyromania, Ride the Lightning, and 1984 itself were all released and took music to its apex. In fact, here’s my 1984 only playlist for you and see if she can do better. Limited it to 15 songs from a dozen different bands, although you’d need more and double up on some bands…not Rockwell, though:
    -“Panama” – Van Halen
    -“Rock of Ages” – Def Leppard
    -“Born in the USA” -The Boss
    -“Owner of a Lonely Heart” – Yes
    -“Sanitarium” – Metallica
    -“Somebody’s Watching Me” – Rockwell
    -“Magic” – The Cars
    -“The Warrior” – Scandal (another song Rigid Pole needs to heavier cover)
    -“Sister Christian” – Night Ranger
    -“Round and Round” – Ratt (fuck yeah!)
    -“Take Hold of the Flame” – Queensryche
    -“Radio Ga Ga” – Queen
    -“Pride (In the Name of Love)” – U2
    -“Heaven’s On Fire” – KISS
    -“The Last in Line” – Dio (Gotta have some Dio!)

    Black Eyed Peas who? I win.

  2. Actually found so many great songs I didn’t duplicate as originally planned…15 great songs, 15 different bands. And I intentionally left off Mellencamp.

    1. I Found 9 more “must listen” jams to add to your list without repeating artists.

      – Big Bottom by Spinal Tap
      – Big City Nights by Scorpions
      – I Can’t Drive 55 by Sammy Hagar
      – It’s My Life by Talk Talk
      – Let’s Go Crazy by Prince
      – Rebel Yell by Billy Idol
      – Run To You by Bryan Adams
      – Legs by ZZ Top
      – Boys of Summer by Don Henley

      and I left off Mellencamp since you went out of your way to leave him off.

      1. Can’t believe I snubbed the Scorpions. Klaus will never forgive me. Great list. I want Tina’s rebuttal of pop poop.

  3. When I read the post to her this morning she got a kick out of it. BUT feels as though she was misrepresented. She said she doesn’t hate most classic rock, but Flirtin With Disaster is another story. She also said that I didn’t really list the stuff she listens to either. Leaving off John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Zac Brown Band… stuff like that.

  4. “When I think of Matt’s wedding, I think of ZZ Top. He needs to come down the aisle to Sharp Dressed Man because if there’s one thing the world doesn’t see enough of, it’s Matt in a suit.” -Missy Nilsen

  5. For the record, and after hearing of all the rubbish, Fish Wallace now demands that all groomsman dress as KISS members, perhaps with our own unique makeup jobs, as there are so many of us. Otherwise, there shall be no peace! (if unsuitable, I’m willing to all dress as different rock n roll stars–an SB Slash, anyone?–and I’ll take TP in the top hat, Alice in Wonderland getup.)

  6. Brilliant!!!! If KISS gets nixed, I call dibs on Ted Nugent. I have just the right loincloth already and plenty of time to grow out the hair. The Great White Buffalo will make a final stand!!!!

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