It’s Almost Time For Arrow.

Oct 10th is approaching quickly and if you are wondering what is happening two Wednesdays from now? I am here to fill you in.

10/10/12  @ 8pm is when CW will air the premiere of Arrow. A show that I have been waiting on for quite some time. It’s great that the wait is almost over, but kinda crappy because I wanted to do a short film based on Green Arrow: Year One before Arrow debuted. (Completely selfish, I know) The CW’s newest superhero driven show will dive right into the year one material which is Green Arrow’s origin story.

Like most fan films, mine was going to be super low budget and asking favors of friends to act type deal. I asked a few friends in December if they would be interested in acting out a short film and almost everyone I asked was interested. Only thing I didn’t foresee, and I’m not quite sure why, was when Christina and I moved into our current residence at the end of January that my super low budget would turn into an absolutely no money outside of paying for life needs available type of budget.  So even though I had Oliver Queen and China White cast for my short fan film, I had to set my project aside.

Anyway, I am still crazy excited for the new Green Arrow show to drop starring Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen. I’ll just have to get over the fact that a major TV network beat me to the punch. Who would have thought right? The pilot episode is sure to have flashes of Green Arrow: Year One and Oliver’s time as a castaway on some forgotten island. But during the second episode on October 17th is when we will be introduced to China White and surely more material straight out of Year One. From what I’ve been reading, the writers aren’t going to veer away from using some familiar faces of the DC universe. Throughout the first 8 episodes we will see the likes of Deadshot, The Huntress, and the Royal Flush Gang. Deathstroke’s mask is shown as a teaser during the pilot episode. I’m guessing that there is an outside chance that he will be dropping by Starling City at some point too. Maybe even as the shows main adversary opposing Green Arrow?

For the three people that might actually read this, (and the one person who might actually come over… Fish) I’m contemplating a lavish wings and beer, maybe some animal crackers, no costumes Arrow premiere gathering Oct 10. More details to come!

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