Bye Bye Bobby Valentine

All is well when the Boston Red Sox have sole possession of last in the AL East. In a perfect world they would finish last every year! It was just a bonus that Boston went from a 90 win team to a 90 loss team from one season to the next! Ok.. you got me, I’m just a tad bias when talking about the Red Sox.

I was never a fan of the Red Sox or Bobby Valentine. When Boston hired Bobby V as their manager last offseason I got really upset. Upset because I thought the Red Sox would come out like gang busters after their epic September collapse which led to missing the 2011 postseason and Bobby Valentine would get all kind of praise. Let’s face it, they had a ton of talent on this roster, most of which had World Series experience under their belts. It was not a stretch to believe they would make a run at the World Series in 2012. I couldn’t stand envisioning all the analyst’s saying Bobby V righted this ship, Bobby V this, and Bobby V that… I didn’t want to hear any of it.

Turns out that the Bobby V hiring in Boston would be the source of my everlasting joy when talking about the 2012 baseball season. The Red Sox had a miserable start, middle, and end to the 2012 season and it was fantastic. A season that led to the Red Sox parting ways with a huge pool of talent, even if it was under achieving. Teams just don’t easily replace the likes of Adrian Gonzalez in the middle of the line-up. The cherry on top: watching the Yankees pile up 14 runs last night and blowing out the Sox as a farewell gift to Valentine. Simply Perfect!

The only thing Bobby Valentine ever did worth noting was sneaking back into the dugout after being ejected with a fake mustache on. That will forever be remembered and it deserves some props. But that is all you will get from me when it comes to Bobby V.

As of this post, Valentine hasn’t been let go and it amazes me that it didn’t happen yet! I don’t feel I have to rehash the whole Bobby V timeline, but when you butt heads with one of the team leaders (Kevin Youkilis) within the first 2 weeks of the season and then most of the team calls a meeting with the owner of the team to complain about their manager. There is a rift. Meaning that something has to change. Most of the teams contributors were traded in August but it might have been too little too late for Valentine.

I’m probably not the first and I definitely won’t be the last in saying good-bye and good riddance to Bobby Valentine.

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