Like all Redskins fans, I’ve yearned for a competitive football team a long time. Washington has been lackluster for… well, decades. Primarily, due to the glaring void at quarterback. So… now that ROOKIE QB Robert Griffin III has been providing leadership and making headlines with huge plays consistantly the Washington Redskins problems have been solved, right? Wrong!

Griffin has been everything Skins fans hoped he would be through the first 8 games of the season. With Griffin’s explosive play, Washington’s offense has come alive to the tune of 26.6 points per game. More points per game than the 6-1 Chicago Bears, AND the undefeated Atlanta Falcons! The defense on the other hand… completely atrocious

The Redskins rush defense is doing their part – ranked a respectable 12th overall against the rush. Much to everybody’s dismay, the Redskins secondary seems just fine with on-field spectating. The pass defense is ranked 32nd, worst in the league.

I’m pretty sure a defense this bad can’t be fixed without significant roster moves so I thought about emailing a radical suggestion to the Redskins coaches and defense – Give more looks that would entice teams to run and let them have some success running the ball. Cause that’s the only way to stop the opposition from throwing!

The Redskins pass defense is hideous, by far one of the worst units performance wise and talent wise I’ve seen in recent memory. I know the injury bug has hit the Redskins hard – Brian Orakpo, Adam Carriker, Brandon Meriweather, etc… I understand that, but all NFL teams have to deal with injuries. Reed Doughty has been a horrible back-up player for years now. How is he still on this team?

Hot headed CB DeAngleo Hall is probably the most recognizable name currently playing on this defense, and he’s arguably the biggest liability. I can’t remember the last time he bullied and/or shut down an opposing receiver. I don’t think he remembers the last time that happened. That’s probably why he resorted to bullying the ref’s yesterday.. and guess what? He failed again by getting ejected from the game in Pittsburgh.

Mike Shanahan needs to start making some drastic moves defensely. If that means letting DeAngleo Hall hit the waiver wire than that is fine with me. Shanny needs to get the message across that somebody has to step up, if you don’t, than you won’t be in a Redskins uniform much longer.

With the wretched defensive play this season, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out which side of the ball Washington needs to use their remaining draft selections on come April. The Redskins can’t go on defenseless like this if they plan on being contenders.

4 replies to “Defenseless

  1. You’ve been leaving so many comments, that I feel I’ve been letting your blog down. Mostly for lack of football knowledge. But now I see, the comments can have no real relevance. So you should be DeAngelo for Trick-or-Treat night, and get ejected from the door for bullying kids.

    1. Two games against the Eagles yet.. sounds like to more in the win column for Washington. No way the Eagles can score with the Redskins.

      Who knows?? Andy Reid might be gone by the time the Eagles face the Skins.

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