What would you do if you got $1 million dollars? Who hasn’t thought about it, really? Lawrence from “Office Space” seems pretty darn serious about what he’d do. (classic quote)

What would you do if you knew doomsday was approaching? I didn’t catch what Lawrence had to say on the matter but I think it would probably be similar to his first answer. Doomsday wouldn’t rattle him.

Seriously, with all these natural disasters recently who knows what to think about anything? Is global warming causing this ruckus or is doomsday on the horizon? There have been so many storms, floods, and tidal waves over the past couple years it’s hard to keep track. Yesterday the east coast endured though the “Frankenstorm” known as Hurricane Sandy, and it was devastating. ***Thoughts and prayers to everyone in Sandy’s path.***

Harold Camping

Is doomsday a topic that I should take seriously? I’m just an everyday ordinary small town guy, not a big-timer like Harold Camping or anything. If I had to take a stab and guess, I would have to say no, doomsday is not around the corner. A notion that Mr. Camping finally come around to admitting a couple of months ago after his multiple rapture/doomsday predictions failed. December 21, 2012 is still looming though…

I would say that .01% (not 1%… .01%) of me believes that all the natural disasters could be the precursor to doomsday. I figure if there was going to be some type of doomsday in the near future, there are two logical ways:

1) nuclear world war.
2) mother nature puts us in the corner.

Danny Trejo

3) This picture of Harold Camping! Don’t look at it more than 5 seconds per glance. It’s like 100 times worse than staring at the sun. Though he does look eerily similar to Danny Trejo… star from one of the most awesome action flicks ever – Machete!

Are we on the cusp of Doomsday? I hope not… I want to see the sequels to Machete before everything goes to hell. And maybe, just maybe, write two blogs at the same time as tribute to Lawrence.

3 replies to “Precursor?

  1. Having met Mr. Camping on several occasions, I have to say I never got the Trejo vibe…much more of what Ernest would have looked like had he not died in my opinion ( ). Anyhow, I’m not worried about the Mayan prediction…if they could have foreseen the end of the world you’d think they would have foreseen that the Spanish weren’t to be trusted.

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