Who Goes First – Andy Reid or Norv Turner?

Jonah Hill (left) feels like Eagles and Chargers fans everywhere! Both teams dropped their respective “must win” games today. Which begs the question: When will the shoe drop for either Andy Reid or Norv Turner?

More interesting question: How do Andy Reid and Norv Turner still have their jobs in the first place?

The second question is obviously a mystery to everyone, so I’ll focus on the first one.

It feels like Eagles fans have been calling for Andy Reid’s head for 6 years now. After last week’s Eagles loss to the Saints, it was the first time I personally felt like Andy Reid wouldn’t make it through a season as the head man in Philly. After today’s loss to the hapless Cowboys, I’m almost certain he won’t make it through the rest of the season.

Andy Reid has now lost 5 straight games as the Eagles head coach for the first time in his tenure. He was 0 for October… aka abysmal. At 3-6, Philly’s chances to make the playoffs are slim to none in a super competitive NFC.

I’ve watched a bunch of the Eagles games this year, and not once did I feel like they had a sense of urgency. They never had a spark, they never found a rhythm. It starts with the coaches, but the players didn’t hold up their end of the bargain either.

I think that the Eagles front office will not only make a move with Andy Reid before the end of the season, but major roster changes will be made once the off-season rolls around. Michael Vick, and DeSean Jackson could be some of the first guys to be moved.

Now… the other guy. As a Redskins fan, one of my least favorite topics/people to talk about is Norv Turner.

Norv somehow, someway, got WAY more credit than he deserved from being the Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator. Yes, their offense was good in the early 90’s when they won 3 Super Bowl’s. I, like most fans, realize that the Cowboys offense was good because they had Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, and Michael Irvin on their team, not because Norv Turner was “pulling the strings”.

Turner inherited a 14-2 Chargers team and underachieved every season since he took over in San Diego. Before underachieving for the Chargers, he basically stole millions of dollars from the Washington Redskins “coaching”. Norv Turner is a fraud in every sense of the word. As long as he is the coach in San Diego, they will not sniff the Super Bowl!

Norv Turner is a modern-day Rich Kotite. When a coach is mentioned in the same breath as Rich Kotite, that is when you know that coach is completely inept.

Both Reid and Turner are battling for their jobs with largely forgettable seasons. Both are on a path to lose their jobs before the end of the season. Their seats are red-hot.

Who wins the race to the unemployment line?

3 replies to “Who Goes First – Andy Reid or Norv Turner?

  1. Follow up question: what coach would you replace them with? What coordinators are worthy? Right now the most impressive coordinator is Wade Phillips and we all know he doesn’t need another try at head coaching. After Seattle’s success do you raid college? Who does GM Horn go with?

    1. I wouldn’t point to Seattle as the benchmark. Nor would I go after guys like Jon Gruden or Bill Cowher. I would use Atlanta and Detroit as the model. Both of those teams chose basically unknown coordinators and each have since established a new culture.

      The only way the Eagles can stay with a QB like Vick is if the Eagles choose a coach that loves the run game. The run game protects Vick and Andy just doesn’t recognize that. Vick NEEDS the help of play action passing to be explosive. Play action is a QB’s best friend.

      My advise for the Eagles – get some O-linemen in the offseason (draft or FA) and sign a full back.

  2. The Redskins have completely turned around their offense with the addition of a legit running attack. If the defense could actually stop someone, people would be raving about the Redskins!!! Not just RG3.

    Just heard that Vick might get “rested” for the for the remainder of season and that Nick Foles will get his shot. Now is the time to start leaning on the run game and find some balance… and if any of these linemen are up for the challenge to actually run block next year and beyond.

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