It’s That Time Of Year…

grinchI don’t have anything really pressing to write about. So I’ve decided to take the easy road since it’s Christmas time again.

I’m by no means a Grinch when it comes to the holidays. I really enjoy gift giving and even going place to place trying to locate these gifts. I don’t ever remember dreading the holiday season like many people. Christmas, for the most part, has always been a memorable time for me.

Hulk-Hogan-big-bootThat said, I’ve never gone Black Friday deal hunting to get the season started off on the wrong foot either. Caught up in those crowds filled with grumpy people who haven’t slept in days, or had eight presents swiped from under their noses seems awful. The only way I would even consider going shopping on Black Friday was if I knew I had a chance to deliver a Hulk Hogan style boot-to-the-face, followed by his famous leg drop. Obviously. I would only resort to these measures if it was an emergency… Like somebody trying to gank something out of my cart.

This year, my Christmas spirit hasn’t kicked in just yet. I don’t have the loot to spend like in previous years. Not that I ever really had a ton of money before. I’m hoping once I get out and grab a gift or two I’ll get into the swing of things. I do have some really good ideas on what I would like to buy for Christina. With my luck, this will be the one blog post she reads without me begging her too, so I’ll keep those ideas to myself.

I’ve been asked a few times what I would like for x-mas this year and I actually have a long list of little goodies that I would like! It’s somewhat of a tragedy though. I’ve been told that I cannot have the item (Machete) that is at the top of my wish list in our (Christina & I’s) household. So I’ll just have to make due with some other potential goodies. 🙂

DVD’s, comic books, and Christmas cookies… Sounds like a 11 year-old’s wish list doesn’t it? I’ve come to realize that the little pleasures in life sometimes have the biggest impact. That, and I’ve never needed the most gaudy and expensive things to get by. The expensive stuff is nice, but not necessary. Don’t listen to any propaganda coming from Mr. Nilsen saying otherwise. That man lies! LOL.

The only other thing I can think of, other than being with my family and friends for Christmas, that I would really enjoy for the holidays would be a Washington Redskins run to the playoffs! Currently my guys are 7-6 with a chance to win the division. Hopefully they keep grindin’ and good things will happen.

If Santa delivers Machete and a Skins playoff berth? He would get the greatest honor I can give anyone on my blog: The Tom Selleck Seal of Approval.

3 replies to “It’s That Time Of Year…

  1. Dude, I caught the Hogan-Warrior Wrestlemania VI main event match on Netflix and it was the most boring and pretty much gay match ever. Basically the two of them tried to prove the whole time they were just as strong as each other by pushing, squeezing, and running into each other for half an hour. It made a Goldust interview seem manly by comparison.

    As far as your Christmas wishlist, you gotta add the Def Leppard Union Jack shirt.

    1. Yea… I never got why people hopped on the Ultimate Warrior bandwagon? When you need to watch a good match… just get Mankind vs anyone in a hardcore match. Preferably a hardcore cage match!

      So what’s on the x-mas list for the worlds newest Nilsen?? Maybe a Ric Flair robe? Like the one he wore during his entrance music. WWOOOOO She would grow into it of course 🙂

  2. Get the “Machete Fun Park”, with the movie, an actual machete, the ringtone of Danny T saying “Machete don’t text”, and a fully functional rope make to look like an intestine for swinging out windows should Santa place you on the naughty list and come at you with a sack full of chainsaws.

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