Redskins Claim Division Crown

The Washington Redskins are division champs!!

Redskins rookie QB Robert Griffin III might have received all the hype and media attention during the 2012 season, but another rookie took center stage on NBC’s Sunday Night Football. Washington’s rookie RB Alfred Morris stole the show in this battle for the division and final playoff spot between the Skins and Cowboys.

Alfred Morris
Morris destroying the Cowboys Sunday Night.

Before Washington and Dallas got under way last night, I made a few predictions. 1) The Skins would get off to a slow start. 2) It wasn’t going to be a one-sided affair, it just had the making of a game that would be decided in the 4th quarter. 3) The deciding factor would be the Washington run game ripping off chunks of yards and gashing that Dallas D. Who knew? 🙂

RG3 was the leader that he has been all season. He managed this game and made plays when he absolutely needed to. Shanahan had to know with an ailing QB who clearly is not 100% in Griffin, it was a game tailor-made for the run game to dictate the outcome. Alfred Morris rose to the occasion, taking some weight off RG3’s shoulders. He was the definition of a workhorse totting the rock 33 times, piling up 200 yards, and put points on the board with 3 touchdowns.

With RG3 not at full strength, contributions from the defense last night was a welcome sight. DeAngleo Hall had his best game of the season manning up against Dez Bryant. Hall was aided by a blitz happy defensive front that put pressure on Tony Romo all night. Pressure that forced Romo into 3 momentum stopping, season ending turnovers.

During the 7 game win streak, that took the Redskins from 3-6 to 10-6, the defense elevated their game big time. The Redskins have been electric all season offensively, one of the highest scoring teams in the NFL, but this streak doesn’t happen without the defensive turn around. Injuries took their toll early on losing Brian Orakpo, Adam Carriker, both starting safties, etc… Thankfully some other players stepped up and answered the bell. Rookie corner Richard Crawford’s play down the stretch has been huge. Linebacker Rob Jackson isn’t a household name either, but both he and Crawford each had key interceptions yesterday.

The Redskins have been on an awesome run during the 7 game win streak, no doubt about that. The only longer winning streak in the NFL is the 11 game win streak by Peyton Manning and his Denver Broncos. All that aside, what I’m about to mention gives me an equal amount of excitement and joy as the Redskins heading to the playoffs does: Tony Romo comes up small in a crucial game and the Dallas Cowboys miss the playoffs… again. Hail to the Redskins!!!


One reply to “Redskins Claim Division Crown

  1. Good post. It’s nice to see a feel good story like the Redskins get into the postseason along with the Colts even though I would rather have seen the Cowboys win. RGIII has simply been outstanding this season and Alfred Morris has flown under the radar as arguably the 3rd best offensive rookie in the NFL. I’m betting that at least one of the Colts or the Redskins comes out on top on wild-card weekend and these next 10 years with Luck and RGIII at the helm should be unbelieveable. Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I’d love to hear what you have to say.

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