No Fear In The New Year

piggybankI need to change things up a bit heading into the new year. Being more responsible with money is at the forefront of that list. There are a few others but saving money is paramount. My wedding is looking me square in the face – September isn’t that far away. Then, hopefully a trip somewhere tropical not long after the wedding for the honeymoon! To make all that happen, I need to save my pennies.

So here is a little check list I made of things I would like to address from now until then:

-put money towards the wedding on a weekly basis
-put money towards savings weekly

-drinking more water  – cutting out all the sugary drinks
-start a workout routine – nothing over the top
-beware of my diet habits – cutting the bad stuff

The goal is to drop from 185 lbs to around 165. (I have to look good for more than just my wedding and honeymoon this year)

-I need purge my fear of shaving more than 1 time a week.

That is all. For now…

6 replies to “No Fear In The New Year

      1. Drats! I wanted to comment on shaving but Dougie beat me to it. Still…shaving once a week is still too much, except, like Doug said, for your fruits and penis. Down there every day is a must for the *active* man.

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