Facing The Music With Andy Reid

Andy Reid
Kansas City Chiefs new head coach Andy Reid

I’m not sure if this is creative or cliché? But in an effort to be interesting, instead of utterly bland. I’ve decided to cram quite a few music references into this Andy Reid post. Spice it up a tad. It’s rumored that Andy is a fan of spicy… So here we go.

Eagles fans grew sick of Andy Reid’s same old song and dance years ago. Fans never understood his frequency. It seemed like Philly fans were staying at the Hotel California with Andy and they could never leave. But finally, after the dismal 2012 season ended, Philadelphia got their freedom as Reid’s tenure officially came to an end.

Who knew when Philly said goodbye, Kansas City would say hello? Hello, hello.

Kansas City was sitting, waiting, wishing that Reid’s journey for his next coaching gig would find their open arms. It didn’t come easy though, another GM (Scott Pioli) bit the dust, following the theme from Black Monday to finalize Reid’s deal.

So what does this all mean for the Chiefs?

Andy+ReidIt means Chiefs fans will be questioning Reid’s mental health by mid-season and bang their heads!

Even the King of Pop would think this move is bad, it’s bad, a bad move for the Chiefs.

Chiefs fans, if you think you’ll have ti-iii-iiime outs left in the half, no you won’t. No you won’t. You won’t get any satisfaction with Reid at the helm, the Eagles sure didn’t, they’re miserable.

Andy Reid won’t be running the ball with the devil, Jamaal Charles, or anyone in short yardage situations. Hell, any situations. An-dy don’t want to run, he just wants to throw the ball 50 times a game. And with Matt Cassel at the helm, fans might think they took a magic carpet ride from Kansas City to Shit Towne.

At least the Reid/Chiefs saga will start with the number 1 overall selection in April. But this story won’t end with rock ‘n roll (or football) dreams coming true. It’ll conclude more like – This is the end. My only friend, the end.

3 replies to “Facing The Music With Andy Reid

      1. I wouldn’t call it an epic fail…epic fail is when CTU failed to stop the first suitcase nuke in season 5. I just meant it was a challenge for me to identify all the songs…which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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