Debating RG3 On A Bum Knee

Robert Griffin after his knee gave out during the 4th quarter against Seattle.

Washington’s memorable season came to a disheartening end last night. The playoff loss to Seattle ended with Robert Griffin III laying hurt and helpless on the ground at FedEx Field after his injured knee buckled badly late in the 4th quarter. The worst possible ending for the Redskins and by far the greatest fear for Washington faithful everywhere. It was unsettling to watch to say the least.

Debates on the management of RG3’s health status have already begun. Whether Griffin should have stayed in the game after further tweaking his knee late in the first quarter? Or if RG3 should even have started in the first place? These questions will follow and certainly haunt coach Mike Shanahan until next season.

RG3-Red-JerseyLet’s get one thing straight: Robert Griffin III was never going to be back and playing at 100% this year after he originally sprained his knee at the end of the Baltimore game 4 weeks ago.

I did not have a problem with RG3 starting against Seattle. He is the leader of the Redskins offense. Yes, Griffin was limited, but he started (finished and won) the 2 prior games to even make the playoffs. Telling me that he was good enough to at least start against the Seahawks.

Near the end of the first quarter when Griffin came up limping, that’s when I feel the switch to Kirk Cousins should have been made. It was clear to me that he had suffered a set-back regarding his previous injury. After that play, Griffin had trouble putting weight on his right leg. Meaning he couldn’t distribute his weight to plant and throw accordingly. It is paramount in the NFL to have a passing threat and Griffin was no longer a threat. 80-some yards passing will not win very many NFL games, let alone playoff games.

Players playing through injury isn’t always the best option for a team. A recent postseason example would be Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger last season. Roethlisberger played with a high ankle sprain, but he wasn’t able to play at the high level he is accustom to. Hindsight, the Redskins offense stalled out after that bootleg play before the second touchdown. The switch from RG3 to Cousins should have been made for health reasons and game management purposes by halftime at the latest.

RG3-CelebrationI do want to make one thing clear. I’ve heard RG3 described as a running quarterback, which I think is complete hog-wash. To say I vehemently disagree with that assessment would be a huge understatement. He is a very capable quarterback who can beat anyone from the pocket (3,200 yards passing, 20 TD passes). Who also possesses the ability to take off at anytime and hurt a defense. That’s called play-making in my book.

Because RG3 wasn’t able to run as much as before the knee sprain doesn’t mean he solely relies on the run to have success as a quarterback. Why can’t people see the plain and simple fact he was playing hurt?

Any quarterback playing on a powerless knee would have faced the same problem RG3 faced: A blitz happy defense that is seemingly impossible to get away from.

4 replies to “Debating RG3 On A Bum Knee

  1. If he was on the Washington Nationals they’d have taken him out after week 13 with the Skins 6-6 because at Baylor they only played 12 games and they don’t want to stress such a young player. I think they could have yanked him at the half…the whole second half you were almost waiting for the blowout to happen. It was like a car running on a flat tire. I can’t believe I’m actually discussing playoff football and the Redskins at the same time.

    1. Yeah.. it was a struggle for me to watch.

      But I’m sure that the Redskins and playoff football will meet again next year. Even if RG3 misses a chunk of time. Kirk Cousins will answer the bell.

      (Can’t believe you didn’t have anything to say about Andy Reid to the Chiefs)

  2. It’s a shame to see him hurt to this degree but his initial injury was bound to get worse with him continuing to play. If the initial injury happened to a commoner, the doctor would perscribe weeks of rest. Players like RGIII get right back into the game and everyone, except those for the opposing team, cross their fingers that he can walk away field. I’m sure the injury affected his mentality throughout it also. Of course, he would put a playoff win above himself. He pushed himself far this season. You can wear his jersery proud, Matt.

    1. He won tons of warrior points with his effort and determination. The great players all have that aspect. Truth be told, the decision shouldn’t have been in his (RGIII’s) hands after he tweaked his knee. Mike Shanahan should have taken him out for the team’s sake, present and future.

      Thanks for giving RG3 and my blog some love!

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